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FCC votes on Net Neutrality—you bet I don’t like it

The Federal Communications Commission voted on “net neutrality” today; it was predictably approved.  Mark Cuban predicts lawsuits.

Cuban thinks the plan to regulate the internet as a public utility will “will fuck everything up.”  He said this at the Code/Media conference last Wednesday, in California, according to re/code.  “Net neutrality is just a demonization of big companies.”  (Source: The Daily Caller.)

Mark Cuban (Image source: SportsIllustrated.CNN.com) Couldn’t find any pictures of him not smiling.
Mark Cuban
(Image source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com)
Couldn’t find any pictures of him not smiling.

How about monopolization?  The big companies win in these kinds of “fights.”  Have you ever heard of a demonized big corporation really losing?  Especially with lobbies in Congress?

It’s the “dumbest stuff ever.”  (Source: CNBC.)

In 2010, the courts struck down an earlier move by the FCC, saying the government-appointed entity didn’t have the authority to regulate the internet.  Just let that little expression sit for a minute:  regulate  the  internet.  There have been fights in other countries in regards to matters like these, and they’ve been for free speech against more government intrusion.

Sure there’s abuse (and it would be good to have some actual data on that, when it comes to cable companies, than throw red-meat fear at the public), but how does more abuse help?  This ruling attempts to fix something that isn’t broken.  It attempts to make the government look friendly.  And guess where the cost goes?  To the consumer.

And then one of those buzzwords that über-capitalists use came up: open.  It gets creepier and creepier every time.  To “fix a problem” with that so-called “open” nature, where transparency is lost.

It’s times like these where polling data shows that people want change but not the kind of change proposed when it’s explained to them.

The idea that the internet will die because some speeds are crappier is, to me, a load of crap.  We survived dial-up, end of story.  There is, however, reason to consider internet a utility, like telephone service, since many services now DEPEND on internet access, and the dependencies are expected to grow.  But net neutrality goes further than that.

The field of competition changes with every new regulatory law, and of course not always for the better.  They almost always help the BIG corporations, and harm the small ones, your local services, especially those that don’t receive taxpayer money or manage with subsidies (and it’s a real headache just how complicated the tax system is that subsidies are needed because of deliberately high tax rates).

It’s also telling when the big corporations want this, as some do.

Now…if I were to step into my pile of politics…I would say this is akin to insurance companies getting demonized alongside perks as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Notice your health insurance bills going up?  Watch your ISP bill go up.  The IRS might as well play a part in all this, gaining your personal info, ’cause…why not?  It does with the ACA; the IRS is supposed to have access to your medical info.

And of course, today, pseudo-socialists claim the people will have more ownership, more control…as if state and people ever mean the same thing.

Sigh… Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the FCC, known for increasingly tougher broadcast licensing, First Amendment-violating fining for indecency, growing its fines to a quarter of a million dollars for something as insignificant as the word ‘fuck’ broadcasted once over the air, won’t make free speech more difficult.

Maybe the greedy Democrats and greedy Republicans will listen to the constituents who’ve done their research and not the constituents in their pockets.  Maybe when hell freezes over.  Then again, hell is probably actually a frozen wasteland, given Maine.  (And Canada.)


Editor’s note: I don’t do politics often.  But when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

(It’s painful.  This is all painful for me.)

10 Lame Excuses


We all have our excuses for getting out of obligations real or implied, and sometimes our excuses are genuine.

One real problem I have: for some reason the Notification sound isn’t playing on my phone.  I checked the sound levels, etc., and it should be playing.  But it isn’t.

For excuses less-than-genuine, it may be due to those little jitters of paranoia or the fact I haven’t a life and resort to talking to Nobody, that I have a list.  You know, in case someone yells at me.  Funny thing…I never had to use one, since no one cares.  Only one of these is real…ish, and the rest I came up with today because I’m bored.  I’m not good at lists, so I’ll just do what I always do in these cases: set it and forget it.

  1. I had to use the bathroom.  For three hours.  It must have been that Indian food—something I absolutely never eat.
  2. I had to visit my sick uncle.  Who lives in Alaska.  Someone was generous enough to give me tickets both ways.  And I’d just learned I have an uncle.
  3. Sometimes there are so many things on my plate that I have to shut the internet off.  And my phone, that I didn’t text you back.  And my landline, that I didn’t call you back, even though you managed to ring.
  4. My boss had me working late.  Yeah, right after I got that full-time job.  After being unemployed for my entire life.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.
  5. I’m secretly in love with you, and I can’t bear to respond.  It’s too painful. …Y-Yeah, I was talking with someone else at the time.  Okay, so we were sexting, but… All right, all right, she’s my wife, but I don’t love her.  (Click.)  Shit!
  6. The car broke down, and I was stuck in traffic.  Or someone prevented me from pulling out, and I ran out of gas.  One of those things.  I don’t remember.  Go away.
  7. Sigh.  My doctor called to inform me that I have hand cancer.  I mean, seriously—cancer of the hand?  Who gets that?  It must have been all that time handling the phone.  Get it?  Hand…l-ing the phone?  (Click.)  Shit!
  8. I’m Amish.  (And it’s none of your gosh-darn business asking me why that is.)
  9. My water broke.  Yeah, I’m actually a woman pretending to be a man.  A dudette with a baby.  I know, right?
  10. I’m not actually the person you intend to speak with, but an A.I. created by him.  He has since passed on.  His last words were: “So this wire goes goes here…and this w—BZZZZz!

Zombie Tweep

Being up at four in the morning sucks.  When you’ve nothing to do, and nothing to read, and no one’s up, and you cannot sleep.  It sucks.

And over time, you just know all those wasted minutes will add up in the course of your life.  It sucks.  And now you’re checking back on twitter.
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tumblr is popularzs

Welcome to Tumblr!

Tumblr is the best place to find and share the coolest stuff in the world.

1. Upload a blog portrait.
Looking good.

The last time I talked about the microblogging site known as tumblr,  I spent a thousand words.  Today I’ll be brief…-er.  Just a small bit on popularity.

According to tumblr’s about page this, tumblr has:
223 million blogs (it about doubled in 2012, past 62 million),
103.6 billion posts (up 0.3+ billion from last week),
and 302 employees (it was 303 a few days ago; was someone fired?).

WordPress, in their about page, lists an average month (probably old nos.):
41.7 million new posts
60.5 million new comments
(And they give a photo; you’ll have to count heads.)

Unfortunately, I could’t get any global stats for WordPress.  Attempting to load the general stats page, it redirected to the user blog’s stats (or sign-in for them).

If you want more detail, here’s a 2012 comparison chart between Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress, and what their respective dashboards used to look like.  (kPulsed stopped charting in 2012.)

As far as notable popularity goes, many celebrities—

Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day  Felicia Day

use tumblr.  Names like,

: Hi. I’m Wil, and this is my Tumblr thing. Yay.

Mark Ruffalo

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Jennifer Gray

George Takei

John Green

(It appears that John changes his avatar based on the occasion.)


James Franco

And one of his posts:

“Song of Myself”: Why Walt Whitman Was the Original Kanye West | VICE United States


And those are just the promoted tumble logs.  (Not to be confused with Sponsored blogs, the ads I was missing out on, all this time).  And, yes, some of these celebrities are the nerds you’d expect on tumblr anyway.  But efficiency makes for a good platform, right?

Here’s a blog: cassiesteele

Yes, I know that’s a blog…

The numbers alone should tell you how popular tumblr is.  However, over my experience there, I make a serious note here: there’s no encouragement!  Nada!  On WordPress, you sometimes get random Follows and Likes, I’ve gotten zip.

Now, I know my tumblr blog is more of an experiment than a real, serious thing, with mostly food reblogs, and a tiny movie review, but…what is serious over there?  Some of it gets pretty weird too.

I seriously wondered just how low my expectations could go after Following the USA Today tumblr.  Let’s just say tumblr is not for news, that I unfollowed.

Sigh.  Back to the celebrities…

Celebs.  They need hype, but they want distance, so it’s no wonder many of them have given up on WordPress.  Here’s a few that stuck by and a few that have left.

DanielleSteel.net is still up and running.  The latest: 2/9/15, Happy Hearts!!!.

Jay-Z’s Life+Times and JasonMraz.com still use WP technology (Area 17, and The Uprising Creative, respectively).

The wyclefjean site, however, (with its “Untitled Document”) blog is still up on WordPress.com despite being more or less abandoned in 2011 (they moved on to another platform).  And stephena.com is practically gone.

…Hmm, there’s some celebrity activity on WP as we speak.  Jensen Ackles has fans here. …Or just one.  I found at least two blogs that…pretty much just post links to forum sites. …Oh, well.

But there is one little feature I found recently, curious about the little curly arrow on the top-right of videos: clicking it, you can move said videos to the side, so you can watch them while you look at other posts.  It’s called “docking”…  dock

Now, if I could just…you know, actually watch videos.


Well, there you go.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to talk about tumblr ever again.

Tumblr achievement unlocked: 10 posts on colbycheeseman

Congrats on your first ten Tumblr posts!

It looks like you’re just starting out, so here’s a posting tip: If you post about this achievement, you’ll have 11 posts.


An invisibly delightful inconvenience.  Enjoy.


I’m kind of known for being an idiot.  Or unavailable.  Or other.

Well, I’ll put all those notions to rest now.  Okay, maybe just the ‘unavailable’ one.  I installed that twitter feed widget.  So now you’ll know when I’m going to sleep from this blog.  Problem is, if I should ever (re)tweet an ad or accidentally retweet a “sexy pic,” I’m screwed but…there you go.  You’ll be closer to knowing what I’m thinking, at any time of the day. …You’ll know…you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Home, sweet home…

“tumblr is blogs” (updated)

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
—Albert Einstein

Someone said tumblr is for teenagers.  Or many people said that.  Either way, I can’t disagree.  It’s stylistic…but stylistic like twitter or like a video game, and Yahoo acquired it for $1.1 billion two years ago.  God-forbid I find WordPress turn into it.

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Going to Hell #666: Approaching That One-Month Anniversary Extravaganza…!

Another #FollowFriday!

And today, I tumblred onto a plethora of tweeps following that aren’t the people I twitter-handle tweeted for #FollowFriday.  It’s a strange world, I find, each day.  Every time I go back to look at the account to see if I got any direct messages, the following count grew.  (Slowly, though; and it fluctuates like crazy; unlike WordPress, people on twitter unfollow all the time.)

During my time on twitter, going on “strong” for a few weeks now, I’ve learned a few things.  And many of those things are negative.  (Of course.)

Be careful what you tweet.

It seems I step in sh*t a lot.

Because I tweeted, maybe once, the #1000Speak hashtag, I got added to the #1000Speak list.  I’m on @newworldmoms/bloggers-for-1000s.  I’m a mom, it seems.  I was added to a list among mothers, despite the fact that I live-tweet for a few shows, and tweet about the bastard mice that run around in our house, here in the snowy depths of rural, you’re-gonna-die-here Maine.  And that I don’t have a history of sexual abuse or anything like that.  Sadly…absolutely nothing happened to me… And who wants to know when I go to bed?

I was so close to adding a timeline feed on this blog.  So close.  But, upon reading the terms of service, I found that you can’t have advertisements within the timeline.  Now, even though I have nothing to advertise and don’t generally retweet ads, it sounded like something I could easily get in trouble with anyway.  So unless someone can tell me otherwise, that I have nothing to fear, I will leave my PG timeline off this PG blog.  (Yes, I self-censor my tweets, even in retweets.)  Oh, sweet sorrow… (And again, who wants to know when I go to sleep?)

I don’t mean to rub anyone the wrong way, but it gets really annoying being thanked all the time for retweeting and favoriting.  With an interface so damn simple that it’s easy and fast to find things you actually like, plus the easy recognition of needs and #Kindness, I don’t need the encouragement.  Thanks!

Be careful about who you follow.

This warning kind of goes against #FollowFriday(!), that you’re encouaged to follow first, and then maybe unfollow if things aren’t working out.  Some people “tweet too much.”  Such as me, sometimes, in short bursts.  Like my ADD, where I lose focus and even stop mid-sente

Be careful about…signing up altogether.

In the very first days, I got, what else but spam followers.  Well, one of them is nice, however, I have no clue who that guy is, but the other two were sexy pics blogs.  Other than the profile picture, both of them had very much the same sexy pics bio.  Other than wallet-size, a small spam world it is, I’m afraid.  Sorry, but I’ll manually look for my sexy pics, if I so choose to look up sexy pics.

Not to name names, but “Sexy Teen” keeps unfollowing and following in the attempt to get my attention.  Four times already.  Now, do I mind?  Much like blogging followers, not much.  Some people you’ll never have a clue about but are relatively harmless…you just get used to it.  But I can’t turn off email notification, so every time she does this I have to go back to G-mail, and manually delete those Cally Girl emails…or leave them intact, as I have to count how many blasted times she’s done this.

Be careful…about me.

As I’ve stated in my profile bio: I became an observer in life.  Not someone who always sticks by the sidelines, but I notice things.  I try not to judge, but I know what you’re doing, CG.  I know…  One point in the follow count matters very little to me, especially if the count fluctuates like crazy.  If you know what I mean.  Crack squirels, that’s what I mean.

Well, this was another useless post on twitting— er, twitter.  On WordPress.

Have a great weekend!

“Don’t be a stranger.” ☺

That’s what she said

The traffic, that Saturday morning…
Dead, tired, or cold, slow—sporadic, much like the snow that fell in the afternoon.
It flew, that day, and I am worn.
I walked in the snow that day.

It was fluffy.
It fell to the ground and onto my head.
I walked to the mailbox just find it empty.
Again, twas morn; night fell, and I was screwed.

WordPress and Twitter cannot be handled one at a time.
Miss Either, and no matter; disappointed, “I am done.”
“Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
Thanks for reminding me: no community here.  A stranger.  Alone.

And Twitter can be the worse, the Favs and RTs, TYs, wink chains, trains…
Shit.  I hit the Like button, attempting to refrain.  Frickin’ touchscreen.
And now a mistake, for all to see, though no one ever looks.
How sad.  But more tired.

Exhausted, and late, and I have fifteen more to read…sigh-groan
And then it gets weird, but then I understood.
Empty there.  Just one here?  No way.
I should reblog this.  Lend exposure.  No post was published for the day.

Received, and replied, P.D. said Thanks.
But an idea popped into my feeble mind; I replied, You’re Welcome, and then some.
Obliterated.  Input; hell, come.

I think, in all matter of sorts, and then of what others think.
Moving, my path slowly adjusts; but I am tired beyond reason.
Sleep—2 a.m. I need sleep…
…But I am far, too far behind.  Another passing season.

And then I became really sick.  Sunday morning.
My body says, Purge.
My mind, pulled into this year, continues, Purge.
Mysterious WordPress unfollows…Purge.

Mistakes…I am ashamed.
I can’t retreat fast enough.  Escape, escape.
But I am fat, and obtuse and horrifically out of shape.
But I pour over, and pore over in the effort to catch up.

Whatever it is I enter, I never quite handle or show.  I am a stranger, nonetheless, almost buried in the snow.

Going To Hell #2: Follow Friday!

If you haven’t read the previous Going To Hell, or you were confused about the last one, then I’ll update you on what it’s about: it’s about having the confidence on reaching out.  And sometimes I just have to say, “I’m going to hell,” in order to get by.  And I’m new to twitter.  Combine the two: @adamjasonp

So today I’m trying my hand on Follow Friday, where people on twitter scout out new follows, particularly bloggers.  Inspired by OM retweeting a few.

I’ve already seen a lot of smiling faces I can’t say ‘no’ to.  But the service can be slow (WordPress was very slow yesterday, enough that I gave up and went to sleep), so it may take some time.

And in how people percieve me, I am going to hell for this.  Wish me luck!

Update: oh, poo.  I made the follows but forgot to tweet the twitters.  I guess it’s still Friday in Hawaii…

Seven Habits of a Highly Mental, Ineffective Blogger

This is in response to: Seven Mental Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers.

Could I do a better job around here?  That’s a tough question to answer, given my horrible living conditions.  No one cares besides being humored then ignored (An Abundance of Katherines reference).

Atomattic encourages discourse, but WordPress is not the place it supposedly is for open discussion.  I try, and many dismiss.  Always some kind of uphill battle…or “fence.”  You try.

Here are seven tips that, so far don’t work well with this blog.

1. Think big.  If I lived the way I’ve come to blog, I’d see some real progress in my life.

I’d also see real progress in my…okay, so here everything continues to measure below standards.

There are small ideas, and there bigger ideas you want to explore (or already want to explore).

However, one of the earliest ideas that came to mind for a post here was how some artists consider the hand the most difficult object to draw/paint.

I’ve had bigger ideas, bigger ambitions, but ambitions plagued with unpayable costs.  (Poor, alone, period.)

2. Stay flexible.  Stay tuned to your hot topics and see what you can do with them. …Black Santa.

I’ve tried.  But besides my interests, rarely does anyone show their own interest with the content.  I’ve even asked questions.  Only when something dies, right?  And I’m not pushing that either.

And race as a topic is a no-go ’cause I wouldn’t know jack about squat.  Spoiler: I’m white.

3. Stay happily discontent.

Answer notifications when you can, but you always have to keep your expectations at bay when blogging.  Technology sucks.

Sometimes I am happy, and sometimes discontent.  Rarely, am I both.

“Don’t pin desperate hopes on anyone.”  What other kind of hope would there be? 😉

4. Don’t play it safe.

Since WP is a place of respect, and one you won’t be suspended the way you could be with FB, you can go all out with what you believe.  But just make sure that what you believe is genuine!

For me, oh, you don’t want me to turn my filter off.  I’ve held back a loooooot of language.  I’m a man of all sorts of wrongs trying to do right!  Apparently.

See: Spare the Junk.

5. Remember how small you are – in blogging and life.

Wow, an explicit reminder of that this time.  Thanks.

“You are not all that.”  Don’t blindly hope for higher stats.

I know of one blog that gets updated only once in a blue moon—three times the Followers than here.  Then again, the infrequency would make subscription easy.

6. Know how big you can be.

Do try for those ‘bigger’ ambitions.  But don’t explode, don’t confuse that with ego.

The 26 Dec 2014 record: 27 Likes.  That’s unbelievable, alright.

Greatness is hard to conceive, let alone achieve, when opportunity so, in general, is as elusive as the bastard mice that keep me awake.

7. Know why you’re here

“… but if you don’t know why you’re here, we don’t either.”

That kind of explains itself.