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(4:52 p.m.)

Today was… dull.  Like a generalized mixture, a convergence of color on a macro scale; it revealed a sort of… lack of focus, or blind inclusion, to the point of no clear point.  But I stretched my brain, stretching time into the morning.  I exercised my fingers on the keyboard, and fell into catching up on a few things; without an effort searching, I found some good reading.  But otherwise, there was lots and lots of silence, further marking my days as a involuntary loner.

It took a short while to get a good shot for the image above— back and forth; the camera and its software desaturates the darker areas, rendering pine trees gray. …Desaturating the day further, it began to snow.

(6:13 p.m.)

Big puffy clusters of flash-frozen H20 fell from above, partially covering the immediate landscape.  I held out my left hand to be sure it was the kind of precipitation I thought it was; one, two puffs of snow melted on my somewhat calloused left palm— hardened from resting my weight on my hands over the course of years of sorting files and reading.

(6:57 p.m.)

The ground whitened in an hour.  Somehow the leafless path was mostly bare when I returned outside after eight at night.  Outside, the precipitation became rain, considering it hit the ground audibly.  The temperature was above freezing (37°F at 10:52 p.m.), the gutters actively passing runoff.

Despite the pain of a medical condition, I managed to complete my walk time for the day.  But the dullness remains.  I find myself again responding to the uneventful hours by staying up well into the morning, expending energy without gain.  I have every reason to be tired, and I am.  But I push on, present when no one else is… The curse of a longing and insecure free will.