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Week In Review

What a week.  A lot of stuff to go over and no time to finish let alone start new projects.   Man, the time has gone.  Some remarkable things happened.

Okay, so the week wasn’t all that remarkable.  But I did catch up on some shows and Beatles tracks. Continue reading Week In Review

TV Fanfare!

Hey y’all. This post thing’s all TV, starting with…

Supernatural!  Episode 200!  Tuesday (today) is a tribute to the fans.  Or another tribute.  (Excluding me.  I’d be ignored, as always.)

They, developers of the show, had already done a fandom ep., but… here comes another.  Season #10, not the best… Oh, why is it–the things I get into tend to go downhill the moment I watch them as they air?  (Am I evil?)

Last Tues (Nov. 4, election day) was the look-back, highlighting some of the best qualities of the show–initially a “monster of the week” thing, the show was, they say; before gaining depth, gaining emphasis on family, some angles of comedy, and some angels/annals of non-comedy.

Mark A. Sheppard (“Crowley”) said he was jealous–he didn’t show up till after “The French Mistake” (season #6, #15), the ep. that broke the fourth wall (where the show’s exposed in the storyline, and creator Eric Kripke got loaded up with squibs for the wildest appearance ever for a…show creator appearance).

The show hasn’t hit a wall as of yet, they say, they say…yet I’d say the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Ruh-Roh’ episodes particularly stunk.  And to be fair–or at least nice–just those two.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly gave the show a whole page in the latest “reunions” issue–#1337/8(Nov.14/21), p.102. And they even devoted–at least for the time being–a webpage for a top 20 ranking, out of the past 199 episodes.

And Parade gave a mention too, mixing up the actors’ characters. Jenson plays “Dean,” not “Sam,” Parade.

And Jodie Llewellyn has a Dean GIFs in her Tumblr.  (Dean was actually one of the most popular on tumblr for the year.)

And Now That I’ve Hit a Wall, Here…

Here are some other good shows. Judging both by word of mouth…and of my own brain.

Gotham (FOX): one of the best things you’ll find on the boob tube. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Tailor) is such a messed up character, messed up in part by his mother (played by Carol Kane). He’s the Penguin, if you didn’t know, and he’s devised a brilliant plan so far, and many, including viewers, did not see it coming–the reveal, last Monday, you might have missed. And one–nay two major figures in the plot, put in mortal danger ’cause det. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) had refused to commit murder, are now safe, it appears. It took the mortal neutralization of quite the number to make it work–lots of violence in the show, though much of it’s been obscured.

Jane the Virgin (CW): a breakthrough hit–well written, as if written for writers. Great acting–say, sometimes too great; e.g., “but I’ve never had sex!” was replayed in a flashback. Its humor is sharp–the Catholic theme and telenovela jokes. She’s finally gotten over her distance with her mother (the mother lied about the father–el presidente, telenovela star, and not a soldier as told when Jane was young. One of the little jokes in the series: way-back flashbacks actually display the text “WAY BACK” (ha-ha). Much of what happens in the show is unlikely, but just watching the execution–superb, trees bien, excellente.

On The Middle (ABC), everyone’s in a state of graduation (or approaching). Sue got her braces of just to get another pair on–clear kind. Axl got his college major down, so he’s back in…there…trapped in the library after hours, but just once. Brick apparently has a GF…a stoic GF. The show’s still set in Indiana (don’t know if it’s shot there; probably not), and it hasn’t lost me as a viewer, though I’ve misses a few days much because of the show’s scheduled time–8 p.m., Wednesdays. This show is also well acted. And it follows the satirical Goldbergs–an oversatirical take on creator Adam Goldberg’s childhood. “Bull-shida” jokes.

I thought Selfie was a turd, and…it kind of is. I avoided it, the initial eps. But fortunately, it’s got its sweet side–what makes it work. Unfortunately, what makes if twerk, too. Or to put it on polite terms, kind of a train wreck without consequence–it pushes the actors to do cracked-up things–sort’a unpredictable that way. But in a good way. Hopefully. Just maybe. A “red-headed Koreans” joke? Stressing out the lead actress with oft-rambling and lingo-heavy dialogue that could make viewers cringe or turn off I’d played by another actress? Awful…but awful sweet at the same time. If only the writers had made it bittersweet instead of awful-sweet, the show would have been considered “respectable.” Then again, the show wouldn’t have worked that way… Whatevs. SnapChat.  Update: the show was canceled (Nov.13); but the fans are trying to get it back.

This post was (initially) created using a smartphone–for all of those wondering why it got published mid-post. An over sensitive touchscreen. You should of heard the curse words coming out of my mouth–“I did not press that!”

Well, peace out, freaks. –I mean, guys.