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Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

“Not functioning is not charming. Not being able to keep a job or friends isn’t cute. … Struggling all day, every day to even grasp some of the world around them isn’t amazing. …in real life, people have to live with the consequences.”

Yep, this August post still holds up today.

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1asp16I think it’s tragic that people have so many prejudices, especially about things they don’t understand. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Have you even known someone with: ALS,MS, Parkinson’s Disease, CP, Alzheimer’s, Tetanus, Pinched nerve, meningitis, Huntington’s Disease, Migraines, Epilepsy, Polio, stroke, or any of the other neurological disorder?

Would you tell someone who’d suffered a stroke to just talk properly? Unlikely.

Would you tell someone with ALS to stop being so lazy? No way.

Tell someone with Alzheimer’s they could remember if they just tried harder? Doubtful.

Someone with Parkinson’s to stop shaking, that they were just trying to get attention? Improbable.

Yet people with Autism are constantly told to grow up, smarten up, man up, stop being so lazy. People scoff, blame, bully, abuse, mock, make jokes, call names, etc.
Autism is a neurological condition just like any other. They have as much control over how…

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reality refinement

You have
that missing piece,
but not what they want.

Beneath, I know;
above, cannot be
in their eyes,
their reflection,
their place, their show.

To appear, above,
enact a surface act;
to follow the hollow,
and edit so far;
a salute to the shoal.

To repeat in ritual,
to censor, to filter;
the pop and the profit;
a cause, a way,

It exploits, it preys;
they want
but fleeting, a reality fantasy;
an effect.

It erodes, it decays;
they prompt
mass exposure,
until you are barren,
and forced to seclude.

What remains is the key,
the truth,
the signature,
what defines
the beneath.

It is
that missing piece,
the real you;
but they judge,
split on your old and new

Originally written 2012-12-20, updated today.