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Seven Habits of a Highly Mental, Ineffective Blogger

This is in response to: Seven Mental Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers.

Could I do a better job around here?  That’s a tough question to answer, given my horrible living conditions.  No one cares besides being humored then ignored (An Abundance of Katherines reference).

Atomattic encourages discourse, but WordPress is not the place it supposedly is for open discussion.  I try, and many dismiss.  Always some kind of uphill battle…or “fence.”  You try.

Here are seven tips that, so far don’t work well with this blog.

1. Think big.  If I lived the way I’ve come to blog, I’d see some real progress in my life.

I’d also see real progress in my…okay, so here everything continues to measure below standards.

There are small ideas, and there bigger ideas you want to explore (or already want to explore).

However, one of the earliest ideas that came to mind for a post here was how some artists consider the hand the most difficult object to draw/paint.

I’ve had bigger ideas, bigger ambitions, but ambitions plagued with unpayable costs.  (Poor, alone, period.)

2. Stay flexible.  Stay tuned to your hot topics and see what you can do with them. …Black Santa.

I’ve tried.  But besides my interests, rarely does anyone show their own interest with the content.  I’ve even asked questions.  Only when something dies, right?  And I’m not pushing that either.

And race as a topic is a no-go ’cause I wouldn’t know jack about squat.  Spoiler: I’m white.

3. Stay happily discontent.

Answer notifications when you can, but you always have to keep your expectations at bay when blogging.  Technology sucks.

Sometimes I am happy, and sometimes discontent.  Rarely, am I both.

“Don’t pin desperate hopes on anyone.”  What other kind of hope would there be? 😉

4. Don’t play it safe.

Since WP is a place of respect, and one you won’t be suspended the way you could be with FB, you can go all out with what you believe.  But just make sure that what you believe is genuine!

For me, oh, you don’t want me to turn my filter off.  I’ve held back a loooooot of language.  I’m a man of all sorts of wrongs trying to do right!  Apparently.

See: Spare the Junk.

5. Remember how small you are – in blogging and life.

Wow, an explicit reminder of that this time.  Thanks.

“You are not all that.”  Don’t blindly hope for higher stats.

I know of one blog that gets updated only once in a blue moon—three times the Followers than here.  Then again, the infrequency would make subscription easy.

6. Know how big you can be.

Do try for those ‘bigger’ ambitions.  But don’t explode, don’t confuse that with ego.

The 26 Dec 2014 record: 27 Likes.  That’s unbelievable, alright.

Greatness is hard to conceive, let alone achieve, when opportunity so, in general, is as elusive as the bastard mice that keep me awake.

7. Know why you’re here

“… but if you don’t know why you’re here, we don’t either.”

That kind of explains itself.

“Blogging is a competitive sport.”

“Blogging is a competitive sport.”

Anyone who thinks that is a doofus.  Or a dolt.  Or a nincompoop.  They just don’t get it.  (And yes, ‘they’; us versus them. 😉 )

Many still misunderstand the purpose.  As did I, I admit.  The term ‘blogging’ used to make me cringe, but now… I acknowledge how faulty image is.

WordPress is kind of pure in that way that good, loving content is critical.  Blogging here reflects the better part of life, as the users here have served the individual reflection of lives and views, and of what they do to a T.  Readers want to read more when the constructed results are good and sincere.  And sometimes even when something is missing.  Brevity can gain interest.

Does that mean it’s a competition?  No.  A blog is a web-based portal, and a post is an honest snapshot of life, whether it be writing, reviewing, recipes, photography, or whatever you do.

And I say ‘generally’ when it comes to competition because some people actually compete here.  It depends on the open back-in-forth, with respect.  It can get wild sometimes, as consent and purpose are everything.

Blogging is: putting your ego aside to share what you do, and what you are open to.  And that applies to everyone else.  You are a reader as well as a writer, like everyone else.  You have something to contribute.  You are not just putting something in, you are sharing.

If you want to get something across, then go out and manually find people to get it across.  Find the time.  Blogging is supposed to be fun, so don’t fret; seek.  Kill your expectations and contribute honest feedback.

There is another way of looking at it, and this is where it gets PG-13, so hide the wee ones.

Think of it in terms of sex: do you just spread your (verbal) seed everywhere on your blog hoping to get feedback, or do you seek out people to have (verbal) intercourse with on respective terms?

Okay, so that was a little more vulgar than poetic.  But not everyone will Like this post, as they shouldn’t.  At least there’s no ‘Poking’ with WordPress.

(Man, I’m going to pay for this.  Especially since this is a ‘neutered’ edit, where absolutely everyone will be either offended or disappointed.  It was either cut or trash.)

Creativity comes in many forms.  Just be sure to edit properly before publishing, so you don’t do what I did by posting before thinking.

—Man That Unwittingly Makes People Sick

Why do I hate this blog?

I’ll make a reply to Ms. Bumble in a whole post.  Unlike Becca (on CL’s turn for the better, writing about the worst), there is this person that is impulsive enough to step off the ledge.  Still not on FB, though.

This is another rare live post, and I’m immediately available for comment.  For a couple minutes. It’s also very useless, because I’m not really saying much useful. This is also what I get for forgetting to copy that Dating Sites… post… thing… draft.  This is like an e-mail … being sent to everyone.  People hate that.

Why does he hate this blog?
The same reason most people hate it: it’s not very good. Not very good at all. Turns out, Christie’s comment was a mistake.  With such low resolution numbers, anything could be SPAM.  342 blocked by Kismet.

Intentional or not, things around here get misunderstood in the blink of an eye, and people stop talking to you altogether, seeing your words as anger, agenda, just-plain-ego, etc.  And the only people left also misunderstand.  Following those implied rules at WordPress, I try to be nice by not pointing out the stupidity of some people.  And sometimes (sometimes) that can get bottled up.  So many words that get Bottled.  Except this BottledWorder Breaks not Bends, and can’t help it.

To hate your blog, your avatar (and Blavatar, btw, means Blog-avatar), and not garner— er, garnish… find a replacement.  A soft hell— still limbo no matter the “change.”  With a bad vocabulary.

As far as the programming goes…
People steer away from that too.  A “math genius” that can’t figure out $#!t for getting a 2.5-D game to render everything 3-D in several years.  Step-by-step, and, like this blog how he and it parallel… how a “failure of a person” is reflected in a failure of a blog (and that’s a worthy subject—an ugly blog, an ugly person).

Everything takes forevery-ever.  Because it is one person doing everything— someone turned down every time he asks for help.

And it is not like him to say “forevery-ever.”  But that’s not as bad as reaching for, “interesting stats.”  Sorry to make so many things at the expense of others, but… (and there’s the ‘but’ too).

There isn’t much wondering why this “adamjasonp,” whoever that is, fails to communicate almost all the time.  There isn’t much invested in his existence to talk about.  He is real, but not important.

(Live, the words still flow out in a way that’s not appealing.)

Sensitive, but… full of crap.
Despite the Non-Deletion policy, I should erect a poll on whether to delete this blog.  Yes?  No?  Do it in the form of a comment, ’cause I’m not signing up to put an actual poll thingamajig up.

Oh, the title, AND he wants comments— an agenda!

Why Impoverished Observers Have Exceptional Difficulty Contributing

Why I Haven’t Been a Good Contributor, Period.

Honesty has its virtues, but…you’re probably not going to like this. But before I start, I want to say that the last post was humiliating.  But necessary. My standards are above me.  I’d be glad to invite someone else here.

As the saying goes: in life, alter the world the least.  Or something like that.

But I’m a “rebel.”  And I pay the price for pointing out to the other children that the “9 with a line over it” is a freakin’ underlined-‘6’ — rotate the card!  But the boy in front of me refused to see that.  It could of been the other way around.

I was five.  Add stature disparities and accidentally walking into an occupied bathroom. It was the time when my “super-conscious” anxiety started.

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A Wallflower In Darkness

This one is not for the faint of heart.
I tried to improve it as much as I could.
It was previously titled, “To ‘Last’ Forever Alone”.
Hide the children.

becoming of you, of I, of soap—
in sink, in drainer, in tub,
make bathing unthinkable, disgusting, or
oneself ’come disgusting.
Such growths,
life—always coming to be,
from water to surface, then ’to, ’fore on
Such choices
made—stuck in sloth,
‘bad’ or ‘worse.’
So in this life,
“no time or reason” for this discipline.
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: on-ON-off

Someone’s birthday—didn’t know

Shirt changed, short-changed, destination change, arrival.
Stupid paper, entertainment all—no wonder the 60% public distrust of the media.
That courtesy of a door held open? No, and not a word spoken, but a dirty look.
Hit the stairs, seven floors, and recent memory of all run many times at once in rage.
The common break, to wait your turn, to sit and scan, memorize…Emmy® winners.
This time bowels may need to be held, standing up—damn GMO white corn chips.
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