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Another Brief in Media Headaches

El grito (the scream) by Mauricio García Vega

Yeah, before, at the core, I’ve said and explained, the why and the how, life isn’t cruel.  That you have, in reality, to get involved with something at some point in existence, for “bad” experiences to happen.  It makes up what we see as cause and effect.

And, dare I say, Buddha didn’t believe in Karma.  He believed in cause and effect.

Well, politics is one of those things you get sucked into.  You become partly responsible for how things “move”… and fail… on that larger scale.  There are many a crowd-pleaser.

“So long as you say the ‘right’ things, you can do whatever you want.”

That’s what they say.  And here’s an example of this fraud I’m talking about.  I am bound to offend someone here.  Like, many of the readers here.
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