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Barking up the wrong tree

“Jesus Christ, am I your friend or your enemy?!”

[tree bark]
Uhhh… I’m a tree.
Relationships are messy.  They’re a part of life, and you will be tested… naturally.  The internet, however, being as it is a global network of computers, isn’t natural.

Long ago, I thought communicating online could be the solution to my difficulty of communicating in real life, being brought up in isolation.  A window of opportunity, a way to soul-search, witnessing personal accounts of friendships that began online, an outlet of productive activity, etc., where I would otherwise have the, well, void.

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Language (n.): a system or object of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols for the purpose of communication.

I’ve yet to find a dictionary that nails the definition, so that was my attempt—an adaptation from what’s found in the American Heritage Dictionary.

Language can be seen anywhere, and not just in human culture.  All of organic life communicates with its world.  Even bacteria communicate with each other.  The more intelligence, the more room for those “arbitrary” signals.  And, ultimately, language adaptation is the very thing that separates humans from the animals.  The birds may require the learning of calls, but those calls are relative.

As humans we automatically find ways to associate objects with signals, and over time build sophisticated systems to go by with relative ease, in writing, sign language, and arts in general—even in dance.  Some species, of course, communicate with body motion; the bee, for example, communicates directions in motions.  But the will to learn and grow language on a dynamic level is only found in the most sophisticated species, namely homo sapiens—us.

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