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For the Love of… coffee

Welcome to yet more Friday Fiction!  Hosted by Rochelle of Addicted to Purple, people from all over the world try at writing a three-part short story for a picture prompt by week’s end.  And also make it no more than a hundred words total.  This week’s image is from Dee, over at 40again’s Blog.

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Okay.  Let me formally apologize for not being here much at this point, save the Fictioneers writes.  But I’ve still got stuff in store, processing photos for more exposure of Summer… rather large images given my decreasing intolerance for JPEG loss.  But until I get all that up, here’s Bill and Ed’s ordinary adventure… Enjoy.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Dee Lovering

“Why do we exist?” Bill asked boldly, as he stood in the cold, hands in his pockets.

Edward, sitting, chuckled.

But Bill wasn’t joking.  “Seriously.  I mean, I get the history of survival, and all, but… with all the things we do?  All these millennia, tempting fate, with war and famine?”

Ed wondered where Bill was going.

“We can be the most unproductive species, and yet…”  Bill stared off into space.

“Bill, what does asking you if you wanted coffee have to do with the existence of humanity?”

Bill pointed back.  “Exactly.  Coffee.”

Five years later, they lived on coffee.

According to a recent study conducted by Nutrition and Dietetics at Harokopio University in Athens, the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of habitual coffee drinking may lower your risk of type-2 diabetes by 54%.

This has nothing to do with what I wrote given I heard of the study hours after I finished… but there you go.