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Christmas post

I’m sure you’re already tired of reading Christmas blogs. …Well, you’re going have to endure another, ’cause I need to document something for these past few weeks.  So here goes, a Christmas post for 2015.

It’s coming along. …Okay, it’s come and gone.  (Already off to a good start! 🙂 )  The thing about I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it” while getting distracted by shiny objects is, no, you won’t get to it.

Like last year (and so close to last year, it’s scary), the mini-tree is up, or has been, with lights…
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2012 Tracks

I’m… Dreaming… of-a White… Christmas

It’s that time of year, and there are plenty of tire tracks and footprints that noticeably stick out because of the snow.  At some point.  (It snowed practically only once—12.01.)
[…and then it dumped on 12.16.]

(The snow also makes dung less visible; keep that in mind, as stray animals can appear and drop anywhere.)

It’s a time to huddle, warm each other—cuddle, and reflect (or muddle)…
And also a time to list ranks, “Freshest Pressed of the Year”—all that stuff…

2012: there’s less clowning, and more human beings sharing their real-world share of problems, history, love interests, and well-written…clowning.  Clowning nevertheless.  The internet may be out of its infancy, but that isn’t to say everyone using it is heading toward maturity.  Some of the numbers I come across are baffling (the low ones too). Continue reading 2012 Tracks