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That Little Thing Called Representation

Now that the dust has settled with Brexit, people can stand back and look at it without panicking.  Some of the short-term ripple effects of the referendum outcome are past us; many markets have rebounded, but there are still long-term consequences.  The GB pound was set back over thirty years against the U.S. dollar, and has yet to fully recover.  Without certainty, volatility— those are things you want to avoid in the markets.

The word ‘tariff’ came up, in regards to Britain trading with its neighbors.  I don’t remember the last time I heard that word.  Debt is another issue of the times, particularly with Greece.  After all, Brexit was coined after Grexit (Greek exit). …Which reminds me: the Puerto Rico “rescue” bill was passed and signed.  PROMESA, it’s cool… if you don’t look at the reality surrounding it.  Non-English speaking people getting disability for not speaking English, executive orders and 99% underfunded public pension money

…But back to the U.K.

Why did it happen?  Why did the majority of turnout (and a large turnout) vote to leave the E.U.?  You’ve probably already heard answers from news media by now.  And those surprised by what happened, well… It’s easy for narrative-driven publications to be surprised by the events that unfolded— to be surprised by actual news due to distorted views.  Don’t get me wrong, I had no idea which way it was gonna go.  But it’s not hard to figure out why, when it happened.
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First week of summer… mostly indoors

Fresh raindrops on fat leaves.  Thunderstorms in the state, yay 😐 (June 21 8:11 a.m.)

The first week of the season has been nuts. …Not where I live, of course; I’m talking ’about Brexit… which sounds like a cereal.  (I mean, I try to pronounce the word, and it takes some effort not to say ‘breakfast,’ haha.)  Half of the British population felt it wasn’t being represented (and it wasn’t), so their turnout pushed the vote over 50% for the U.K. to leave the European Union.  Immigration was a key issue, but all that happened so far was that the GB pound got trashed— losing over thirty years against the U.S. dollar, and a loss of 12% on the FTSE 250 in only 15 minutes Friday.  (Now that’s a crash.) …I’m not going to miss David Cameron.

(June 27 1:42 p.m.)

That isn’t to say nothing happened over here.  You can see the wild flower, pictured above (barely visible in the center of the image), has… wilted.  I’m not sure if it’s the same one as a previously posted one, earlier in the month:

(June 3 3:48 p.m.)
(June 27 1:41 p.m.)

The vegetation has filled the path to the back yard.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have for summer photos in the real world.

(June 8 7:28 p.m.)

It was rather green for all of June.  Not much has changed on the visual, outside, so it would just be more photos of leaves.  So on to the indoors part.

Part of my time away has been that I’ve been working a lot on my own graphics software.  (If you haven’t noticed: I’m a programmer.)  It’s gotten so advanced now that I might actually be able to program my own color-correcting software so I don’t have to use the Mac emulator.  Building on the native platform would seriously speed up the process, as well as accuracy— 10 bits per channel instead of 8, out-of-the-box.  I’m only a handful of steps away.  The ordinary person, of course, would just use Photoshop or something to correct photos, but I I can’t afford that. …Then again, time costs money too… Crap.

Whatever.  My accomplishments stand on their own.  From emulating the math for matching results in rendering, to reading GIF and modern JPEG files… It sounds like already-been-done-before stuff, but I’ve brought classic code to the present.  Ever wanted to port an old game to run on a modern OS?  I did that. …And I missed a lot of sleep in the process.  I’ve said I’m surprised I’m still alive a few times. …Completing adequate PICT and popup drawing, I hit a point of adequacy for my Marathon port, so I can sleep now.

The software isn’t everything, of course.  I may be a hermit, but I still catch up on my TV shows.  I’m caught up on all the previous seasons of Orphan Black, Silicon Valley, The Americans, and just began to get into Vinyl, which, beyond the obvious fiction, is worth trying… even though HBO canceled it.  Go to rehab, kids.

Fans were disappointed when Castle was canceled, back in May.  And so was I, considering I find so much of the content on TV “unwatchable.”  At least Castle was tolerable. …And HBO hasn’t canceled Silicon Valley… yet.  (Some awesome behind-the-scenes DVD commentary for season two.)  Found a few fake websites set up for the show’s website. 🙂

…Fictional… Yeah, all of these shows, no matter how good, are still very much fiction.  Silicon Valley may have elements based on reality, but it makes me think of Star Trek’s Heisenberg compensator that we still haven’t actually seen any of the magical guts that make Pied Piper’s compression algorithm revolutionary.

In summary, with Richard’s near-deletion of Pied Piper, Breakfast Brexit and my software, it shows that you really don’t want to “bugger all” and “go it alone” without adequate support… not that I had much choice growing up.  (Reaching out is so extraordinarily difficult for me.)  Still, if you want something done right, you may as well do it yourself.  Just don’t make a dramatic exit.