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Thirty Years Later

“Will it take 30 years for you to know it is All Right to breathe, to smile, to trust that life is worth it?”

These are the kinds of questions I could ask myself.

A profound and beautifully written post of personal growth by Di.

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When My Blog Died

It’s not just your blog that may have been dipping in stats, it’s across the board. I know I’ve had less interest in blogging in general, trying to make more productive use of my time— er, different use of my time. But seasonal changes aside (Summer sun), remember to stay engaged…maybe not every minute or hour, but…showing up is important.

Vitals over necessities, YES… gotta have & find purpose, awareness— a.k.a., live; otherwise, you’re just existing. …On that note, it should perfectly okay to be away from the blog sometimes, since actual living and breathing come first. Not everything written goes up, am I right? 🙂

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A Holistic Journey

EKGgreenI want to file an official complaint as a subscriber to the Holistic Wayfarer for going MIA on us. (Completely forgetting she’s been out week after week with his son while keeping the lessons going.) You need to blog again, be reminded there are good people all over the world. They want to hear from you. When you don’t blog for a while, you crawl into yourself and scowl about the people who are !@#!. You become deeper, happier, and look out when you engage your readers. You should take a few days off school, give T a break, and just BLOG.

~ Mr. Wayfarer last night

Tenny_studio2015C(Gasp. A break?? The boy has his Sabbath.)

Where I’ve been is a good question. The kitchen, trying to keep up with You-Know-Who’s sumo appetite. Foodie is growing before my eyes. We’ve been at the annual appointments I saved for the summer (photo…

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If you’ve been out of the loop: after dealing with some desperate people out there, OM’s back (though he says his iPhone disagrees). And with some good writing, as you can read for yourself…

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Why Blogging Is A Must

Proof that writing can be very beneficial. Austin wouldn’t even be writing for The Nite Show if it wasn’t for the mental exercise he employs for his WordPress blog.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

JumpstartHappy Saturday, Modern Philosophers!

I thought I’d try something different with this week’s Jump Start Your Brain post.  I know it’s late in the day to give your gray matter a jolt, but I wanted to share some Deep Thoughts that will kick your thought process into high gear despite the hour.

Recently, someone asked me why I “waste my time” blogging when I could be focusing on money making projects like screenplays, books, or a TV show.

I know the person meant well, and I laughed it off with a witty answer, but now I want to take the time to explain why blogging is a must for me.

Blogging gives me focus.  Sure, I don’t make any money from this blog, but it certainly gives my life focus.  I’ve written at least one blog post every day since November 1, 2012.  No matter what kind of day…

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Judge not?

There exists a confusion over the word ‘judge.’  We all judge in the sense of figuring out what’s best for us, personally.  We have to, and so we are compelled to.  And IB even adds the component of love, that love will compelled us to form opinions. Caving to fear, however… Indifference is no virtue.

‘Judge not’ is not an excuse to remain silent in the face of evil.

Christ said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”  That does not mean, do nothing.  Basically, it means there are consequences, and it may come back to you.  But, regardless of your past misdeeds, it is selfless to act on the behalf of those in need, and selfish to stand indifferent.

When your heart tells you to act, you act.  You can only harm yourself and others if you allow fear to dictate your actions.

See, there's this thing called biology...

“To judge” actually means to condemn, to administer justice. It is closely entwined with contempt. The biblical instructions to “judge not” are not a simple commandment, they are a rather elaborate spiritual concept. Often what we condemn and view with complete contempt in others is what we fear and are ashamed of in our own selves. To judge is to seek revenge, retaliation, to administer justice, to view with contempt.

To form opinions, to practice discernment, to recognize and identify sin is not to judge and condemn others. In fact, love often compels us to do that very thing. To sit there quietly like some sort of neutral force, refusing to take sides, claiming to be unable to pass judgement, can actually be a very immoral thing. To remain silent in the face of evil because you fear being accused of being judgmental is not love. It is actually an…

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Feminist Ninja Badass or (I’m a Feminist and I Love Men)

There’s no such thing as rising up by pulling others down.

We all have our personal strengths and weaknesses, but reflecting on one thing (such as gender) by categorically demoting the other?  That sucks.  And it doesn’t fix anything attempting to force a counter-balance, especially uneducated.  In order for elements of nature to work as they would, nature has to be allowed to work with humanity in the first place.  Please don’t suck, people.

The markdown in Dojo is absurd.  Females usually have less bulk, physically, but there’s always more to martial arts than physical strength.  The art is mostly mental.  And what does it say if you’re less able to defend yourself, leaving, since these things are learned?

Well, now I know POMAD could kick my ass.  And that makes me smile. 🙂  What doesn’t make me smile is witnessing the title The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex (1993), when I looked up ‘misandry.’

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I practiced Kung-Fu from ages fourteen to twenty-something. At my first Dojo, we practiced a mix of Kung-Fu and Muai-Thai, which is as badass as a monkey riding a unicorn and playing the violin at the sound of “Total Eclipse of The Heart”.

Now that’s badass.

Anyway, we used to have weekly fights in that Dojo. You heard me. I would go to the center of the room along with a guy quite bulkier than I was, and we would fight. No protection, no shoes. We just put to practice everything we learned.

I tended to be much faster than the guys, but I did get the eventual punch every now and then, or the usual sweep kick. And you know what, this is a pretty good example of what feminism is all about.

You see, being there was my choice. I was being treated equally to the other guys…

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Something tells me you two should write more together.  Powerful results here.


Today I am very happy to host my closest friend Lizzi and her blog post on bullying.


I want to start your day with a poem we wrote several weeks back.  I saved it because I love the message and feel it represents a wonderfully compassionate attitude.  We all have moments when we need someone to LOVE US ANYWAY!


Written by Lizzi (considerer) and Hastywords

Bring me the storm clouds of your sky-strewn mind
Bring me the flotsam and jetsam the tsunami left behind
Bring me the dark corners you want nobody else to find
And let me love you

Bring me the tears that constantly flood you with fear
Bring me the consternation that makes logic less clear
Bring me the worries derailing you and allow me to steer
And let me love you

Bring me the screeching of voices which never cease
Bring me…

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Windows 10, already…

Image source: yahoo.com/tech

Yeah, what happened to version 9?  (And of course we all know what happened to 7.)

Doobster, over at Mindful Digressions, came across what we all face, one time or another, going to the electronics store: “we no longer sell that.”  Or at least, they no longer sell it in-store.  He decided to go for the online-only laptop with 7 Pro, end of story.

Well.  Of course, I knew Windows 7 was no longer sold at places like…Best Buy?  I thought Best Buy was gone too.  They closed so many stores, I figured they’ve closed them all by now. …Oh, no, that was Circuit CitySigh.  Just a memory now…
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