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Spilling Needs

Pouring in and spilling over.
Doubtful, impatient, impressionable.
Depressed when the frustration marries sadness.
Reminded, the concept of no way, no one, no how.
How easy it is to cut out when closeness is so distant.
How absurd it is when the cut happens anyway.
As if the connection begs for perfection—ha.
Must circumstances always be so bad?
The voice forever needs education.
Nevertheless these days I know.
So often it spills its needs.
Grows expectations.
Steals the show.
Grows the hole.

I don’t want to die alone.  There, I said it.

Finally.  And it only took several days of drafts for other things that eventually got scrapped to reach this point.

Yeah, yeah— I know most people would say they don’t want to die alone either.

…Should I say more?

It’s been over a year since I kicked off a larger presence, and… emotionally “cratered” over how I saw myself, and faced a near-black hole of aloneness.

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