Getting around

At another part of the beach. (May 8 2:16 p.m.)

Things are moving… and some things are stalling.  Such is life.  I’m behind.  Not enough time, and not enough sleep.  The year has gone by so frickin’ fast.  One week away from summer… even less than that.

I’ve been meaning to post more often here but my internet access at home has been unreliable.

(May 15 2:33 p.m.)

I’ve been here and there.  And my transportation has been funded by… gulp… taxpayer money.

(May 15 2:33 p.m.)

Okay, so I’m being a bit dramatic.  I haven’t been everywhere and every day, and it’s nothing compared to the cost of health care… nothing compares to health care in America anymore.

Mackworth Island. (May 17 2:36 p.m.)

But you ought to make the best of each day, right?  Easier said than done.

(May 15 2:36 p.m.)

Seeing places I wouldn’t have otherwise seen because I don’t drive has its benefits… but for most places stopping by only briefly, cash on hand or not?  The group limits the experience.

(May 15 2:37 p.m.)

Okay, so I don’t care about getting a so-called Psychic Reading. 😂

(May 3 2:31 p.m.)

Besides not being interested in wooden ducks, I’m sure many of these things will still be there should I manage to transport myself  …if I don’t sit on my hands for years to come.

No, the trash can is not for sale. (May 3 2:28 p.m.)

The wooden duck is just one of the countless items at the Arundel Antique Village Group shop.  There’s so much there, I’d have to break it up in to parts if I dared try to post all of my photos (and video) of the place here.

Cameras, play cash register thing, Budweiser thingy… (May 3 2:29 p.m.)

And I’ve checked via my old AMOLED phone screen that the photos aren’t “too orange” to post without further correction.  If the lighting appears too orange on your screen, you need to adjust the gamma on your screen.

(May 3 2:36 p.m.)

This place has things you’d never think an antique shop would sell.  I mean, old-world incandescent light bulbs?

(May 3 2:39 p.m.)

Comic books: check.  (And even older comic books, with some emphasis on books.)

(May 3 2:46 p.m.)

Old-style lamps: check.

(May 3 2:48 p.m.)

Old toys: check.  (And that includes dolls of Veronica and …Ronald Reagan.)

(May 3 2:30 p.m.)

Don’t knock Stephen King.

(May 3 2:35 p.m.)

Old oil cans?  Check.

(May 3 2:34 p.m.)

Like I said, there’s way too much to put in a single post.  Jewelry; china; fridge magnets; old ads; toy cars; books of things no longer on shelves for decades like Puss-in-Boots and sheet music of Paul Simon songs; button jars; hand-painted porcelain heads; “stereo views”; Christmas ornaments; geisha dolls; different kinds of Teddy bears; that Coca-Cola pana Dale Earnhardt paper weight.

Nothing I could post could really quantify the experience, the reflections of history.

Lilly the dog. (May 3 1:32 p.m.)

On the same day as the visit to the shop, the group first went to a farm where chicks are raised, eggs are laid and yarn is made.

(May 3 1:34 p.m.)

Yes, yarn.  From sheep, to alpacas and even their rabbit.

Benji the bunny. (May 3 1:40 p.m.)
(May 3 1:37 p.m.)

To make not just yarn but dryer balls and hats.  And the process of spinning the yarn was demonstrated, spindle and petal.  And the animals bleated. …And one of the group members harassed the chicks. 😑 And I’m sure the CFL lighting isn’t good for animal eyes either…

It began to rain while we were inside the barn, and the precip. lasted all the way through the visit to the antique shop.  At least I didn’t get another respiratory infection…

(May 8 1:53 p.m.)

Remember to breathe.  Take deep breaths.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m going back to bed.  Have a great weekend, all.  I’m gonna try to see one of the people who work at group perform at Elements tonight.

Until next time…

One of the aforementioned teddy bears. (May 3 2:53 p.m.)

2 thoughts on “Getting around

  1. Wandering through antiques stores is one of my favorite things. About 25 years ago, when my youngest was a teenager, he got fed up with me always wanting to stop at places that sold antiques.

    “Mom, if there were a show on TV that had nothing but antiques on it, you would probably watch it!” he complained.

    “There is, and I do watch it,” I informed my little smart alec. “It’s called Antiques Roadshow.”

    Ha, that shut him up. 😁

    Thanks for these pictures, Adam, they are great. And you’re right, this year is going by way too fast.

    Liked by 1 person

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