Spring is here! …mostly.

(Apr 11 5:05 p.m.)

Yeah, it snowed again, about a week ago.  But that’s Maine for you.  It can snow “unexpectedly” in Spring.  That isn’t to say we’re the only state that gets snow in April.  Some parts of the U.S. got blizzard conditions.  (And Texas got a dust storm.)

(Apr 13 4:31 p.m.)

But, with rising temperatures and rain, it soon began to clear up.  The white stuff vanished in two days, save a few patches.

(Apr 13 4:32 p.m.)

The mini-lake in the driveway is depleted, but some of the ground is still saturated.  Squish, squash, splosh.

(Apr 13 4:32 p.m.)

The chickens across the street are out, searching for food.

The wintry remains are mainly in areas where the sun is obscured in some way, such as the side of the house.  I’m sure there’s even less of it now since it began to rain again.

(Apr 12 1:13 p.m.)

Beyond the weather, Easter is upon us…

(Apr 12 11:29 a.m.)

The indoor plants at Thatcher Brook are getting taller.

Masks on the wall: K-8 “Art Around the World” exhibit at Saco Museum. (Apr 12 1:57 p.m.)

I don’t exactly belong at Thatcher Brook …. but I gotta say: I’ve done things and seen places I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Woodworking, visits to the McArthur library and the Saco Museum (rather small)…

Sea life exhibit, near the bird exhibit. (Apr 12 2:06 p.m.)
Instruments of a man from Canada. (Apr 12 2:03 p.m.)
Stuffed eagle and figure of George Washington. (Apr 12 1:56 p.m.)
(Mar 22 3:11 p.m.)

…visited the planetarium at the USM Science Building (the dome projection is too dimly lit to see much, unfortunately)…

(Mar 22 3:12 p.m.)
Maple Moon Farm, 100% pure. (Mar 29 2:19 p.m.)
(Mar 29 2:29 p.m.)

…witnessed and participated in the production of maple syrup

(Mar 29 2:45 p.m.)

…with different kinds of bottled maple available for sale.  There was even a sugaring glossary chart above the stove

Un/lucky 13. (Mar 29 12:14 p.m.)

I even played a game of pool or two.  (And gained photo opportunities along the way.)

Saco Heath Preserve. (Apr 12 2:39 p.m.)

I’ve walked at places I’ve never walked before.  This boardwalk never seemed to end… however, I was curious to see and end.  It seems I would have continued on if I had the time.

Yellow markers to clarify the singular path… which can be necessary with all the snow. (Apr 12 2:38 p.m.)

And an upper respiratory infection that’s “been going around” and “wiped me out” for two weeks.  And damaged my voice.  And all the coughing led to pulled muscles in my abdomen, which is spasming today…

Uprooted. (Apr 12 2:35 p.m.)

I might not have gotten the URI if I stayed at home, but what’s the point of staying home forever?  No risks, no progress.

Patterns in the ice. (Apr 12 2:37 p.m.)
(Apr 12 2:23 p.m.)
(Mar 29 12:25 p.m.)

I know I need a proper education.  But somehow, in some way, I am always disabled.  Even now, typing this, I have an eye problem preventing me from sleeping.  I don’t ask for this stuff.

(Apr 9 5:04 p.m.)

…But I did ask for this monitor.  A close friend sent me an older HP monitor that was no longer used.  After years of half a screen, I can see a full picture.  The Samsung monitors I’ve been using have been, let’s say, defective— either losing the bottom half of the LCD panel or not detecting any input at all.  (Come to think of it, the TV in the living room with uneven decaying LED backlighting is also a Samsung.)

Anyway, thanks, Liz. 🙂

(Apr 6 2:31 p.m.)

And that about wraps it up for now.  I need to rest my eyes, somehow.  I hope your day is productive.

Until next time…

Invasive slug needs to go! (Apr 12 3:07 p.m.)

1 thought on “Spring is here! …mostly.

  1. Oh my goodness Adam, these pictures are great! You have outdone yourself. I wish I could visit, and walk with you in these interesting places.

    That maple syrup made my mouth water. Yum.

    I don’t know how I missed seeing this post in my reader. And I see that I missed your previous one, too, I will check that out next. I always enjoy your pictures and reading your thoughts.

    You mentioned Texas having a dust storm. We had one here in New Mexico, too, back on April 10, I think it was. It almost blew me over three times. Once when I got the mail, and twice when I went outside with the dogs because they really needed to go and I wasn’t about to send them out into the yard alone. Wind scares our big dog and I had to make sure our little poodle didn’t blow away.

    I’m sorry you have been so sick. Praying you are totally better, soon. Or as better as it gets, like I say about my own health. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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