Winter update

(Mar 14 8:15 a.m.)

Yeah…. it snowed again.  And unexpectedly; it wasn’t supposed to look like this Thursday.  The forecast temperatures for that part of the week were above freezing…. But “supposed to” is a fallacy.  Us humans can’t tell the weather what to do; we can only predict it.

Supposedly, this was in part due to a “bomb cyclone.”  The weather across the U.S. has been a bit crazy this month.  Very low temps this winter.  Tornadoes in the south.  Over a dozen fatalities in the midwest alone… and that’s just January.  Fierce winds and fallen branches.  Hail …in Britain.

(Mar 6 10:47 a.m.)

Here?  Some winds.  Cold.  Nothing much happens in Maine.  But so many blue sky days.  And I’m talking bluer than these photos here.

…And then the clouds roll in.

(Mar 4 8:03 a.m.)

And you know what happens.

Ugh. (Mar 15 4:17 p.m.)

It melts.  And then comes the rain.  Puddles, mini-lakes.  Slush-fest, here we come.

A small river flows down the road… (Mar 15 4:19 p.m.)

But Sunday wasn’t bad.  One, two days, and much of the liquid water in the path and driveway is either evaporated, absorbed or covered in a layer of ice.

(Feb 5 3:34 p.m.)

Some interesting patterns form.  Sometimes, nature is the better artist.

(Mar 3 4:36 p.m.)

We add our footprints… but it’s not the same.

(Jan 12 4:23 p.m.)

We try to capture beauty… literally, even.

(Feb 12 6:32 p.m.)

The more modern we get, the more we cultivate… sugar.

(Feb 21 3:23 a.m.)

We are so full of ourselves.

(Feb 21 5:26 p.m.)

Drawing happy faces in the snow!  Who do we think we are?— …Oh, wait, that’s a natural formation.

(Mar 15 4:17 p.m.)

Nature must be grinning at us as… hitting us back with horrible weather— tis karma!  We must do better, and stop polluting the planet…

(Mar 13 1:24 p.m.)

Imagine all the people, living life in peace…………. yoo-hoo…

(Mar 8 3:51 p.m.)

But seriously, we’re eating plastic we tossed into the ocean.

(Mar 8 12:40 p.m.)

Ah, what’s the use?  I am just one voice.  And I still sometimes use single-use plastics.

(Mar 8 1:00 p.m.)

We do, however, promote life in some ways.

(Mar 13 12:01 p.m.)

Progress is being made… even if it is two steps back sometimes.

(Mar 13 12:12 p.m.)

My progress this year, so far: I have finally gotten some place on account of my disability with support from the state.  Unfortunately, this group I’m in isn’t very fitting; it’s for people with significant intellectual disability.  Whereas I am…passive.

This voice of mine isn’t heard much or taken seriously.

(Feb 19 2:15 p.m.)

But hey, I’m contributing.

…Okay, so I’ve mostly just hit nails in woodworking.  But I’ve made significant progress in my software writing— surely, that counts for something?  At least it does to me.

McArthur Library. (Mar 8 3:52 p.m.)

New experiences, visiting places I’ve never been before.

Pots. (Mar 13 12:12 p.m.)

Nevertheless, you gotta grow to live.  And you need sleep to function.

And on that note, it’s bed for me.  My brain is shutting down.

Until next time…

What the— Crayons are for kids!! …oh, right, I’m not great at drawing anyway. 😁 (Mar 7 4:02 p.m.)

1 thought on “Winter update

  1. This post gave me all kinds of emotions. I read it twice, trying to narrow down what I am feeling. One is: software writing? That is impressive. Very cool. I don’t know if I could even do that. It must be like learning a new language..

    Another emotion, a big one, came to me when I read about you not fitting into the group. Yeah, totally relate. And your statement: “This voice of mine isn’t heard much or taken seriously.” Oh, yeah. I get that.

    Your selfie made me smile.

    Sugar. Chocolate. Reeses. Sigh. I try to stay away from sugar and chocolate because once I start, I want MORE! I am allergic to peanuts, however. Also to shellfish. I could never go to the lobster festivals when I lived in Maine. Anaphylactic shock, that’s me on lobster!

    Plastics. Pollution. No kidding. Like you, I try to live better, try not to pollute more. It seems so overwhelming, though.

    But software writing, now that’s something. And I’m glad you are getting somewhere with the state. My husband and I had to go through so many hoops, for several years, to get the needed help, especially for his disability as a veteran. All the way to a hearing in federal court. I don’t think either one of us could have gone through all of that alone.

    Keep taking your pictures, Adam, I enjoy seeing them. I wish WordPress gave us an option to save favorite blogs in a separate reader so we wouldn’t miss them. Yours would definitely go there.

    Ok, i gotta go feed my hungry dogs now, it’s their dinner time.

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