Summer update

(Aug 4 5:44 p.m.)

Yes, I’m still alive.  I’ve been busy with … stuff.  Making progress in digital signal processing (and not quite doing it right); watching YouTube videos —er, learning about my world; in an online relationship; engaged in long-overdue cleanup, insomnia, and various other real-life things.  In all, I’ve lost some interest in blogging.

(Aug 4 2:42 p.m.)

Mostly, I’ve been on twitter.  It’s a bit of an Orwellian nightmare out there.  “The truth isn’t the truth,” says Rudy Giuliani.  “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” the President told his crowd.  The corruption, the appalling and illegal undermining of democratic norms and ethics, and the increasingly twisted defense of it all.  The American public is being scammed in so many ways.  It takes a toll on me as I want to help people, but I am unable to.  (…Don’t feed the trolls.)

I digress.

(Jul 20 3:16 p.m.)

In July, I walked the path that runs by the house.  The trails were very green, and full, and… full of flies.  You get used to how green it is here in Maine, but sometimes you notice the green light pouring in thru the windows… or notice the greens in the gutters.

A patch of sunlight is rendered pinkish due to the fact that the digital camera picks up infrared as a purplish color instead of a very faint red to the naked eye. (Jul 20 3:20 p.m.)

I can imagine the woods are still green, thick and uncut.

(Jul 20 3:34 p.m.)

It has been hot.  Record temperatures and muggy.  Even this week of August it has entered the 90s in Maine.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sign up for this sweat-athon.  Some people don’t mind, or even welcome the heat; the beaches are still popular.

In terms of beating the heat at home, one fan— barely even used— doesn’t cut it.  I know I need to keep myself hydrated.  And I also know I have to get outside, and exercise.

(Jul 30 12:29 p.m.)

All walks of life have been out this season.  Including two of these… stick worms?  The brownish version looked very much like a tiny twig, if you ignored how it was reaching out in the air, that you could tell it wasn’t moving in inertia with the air currents.  Also, it was too smooth to look as if it’s covered in bark.

Ah-what’s happenin’, grasshoppah? (Aug 17 6:09 p.m.)

Even that strange animal in the woods I encountered in 2016… I heard the same barking noise one recent night.  It was either the same animal or the same kind of animal.  This time I saw its eyes reflecting back the light of my flashlight.  Those things aren’t small… whatever they are.  I have looked up several kinds of animals that could be out there, trying to pinpoint the barking sound, but still, to this day I do not know what it is.

A current state of affairs. (Aug 25 5:44 p.m.)

Botany is a bit easier than zoology considering the plants aren’t physically elusive; they don’t uproot themselves and run away from you when you’re trying to figure out what the heck they are.

(Aug 14 5:02 p.m.)

The trees can obstruct enough sunlight that some of the plants on the ground have been yellowing if not become mottled.  This plant, in particular…

(Aug 17 2:18 p.m.)
(Aug 19 1:53 p.m.)


(Aug 17 2:30 p.m.)

Oh, there are plenty of mushrooms around here now, and maybe even a toadstool (which is not a mushroom, by the way; toadstools are inedible, even poisonous).  I noticed a progression of growth with one mushroom: a smaller, rounder top grows wider, if not flat.

Some proof that it does rain sometimes. (Jul 17 7:02 p.m.)

The thing about hens without a coop…

(Aug 14 5:03 p.m.)

They may lay their eggs anywhere.  This was left in our driveway.  The chickens across the street were here, apparently.

A hu-man was here. (Aug 4 2:47 p.m.)

Someone left their shoes on the grass at Barron center.

Back Cove. (Jul 7 12:42 p.m.)
Rubble rubble, you’ve torn your walkway. (Jul 7 12:41 p.m.)

During summer, the city of Portland tore up this area.  Various other places were also torn up for various reasons, including the street that connects directly to USM Portland.  (Gotta maintain the roads some time, right?)

(Jul 7 12:47 p.m.)
Of the various plants at Back Cove. (Jul 7 12:43 p.m.)
Of the various plants at Barron center. (Jul 7 4:49 p.m.)

Not much is new beyond all this.  Traveling to the same places, the scenes, the overall picture is a bit redundant.

Like a fish still underwater. (Jul 7 4:42 p.m.)
Semi-translucent. (Jul 7 4:43 p.m.)

I did get interior shots of that dollhouse, including those tiny photos of Dottie and Robert.

Attic relatives. (Jul 7 4:41 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for now.  I have some sleeping to do.  Crappy naps are not enough.  I’ll get to bed… eventually.

Until next time, dear readers…

Out of all the random tires everywhere, this one is on our property, just west of the dismantled tool shack (where a gas can and deflated basketball remain). (Jul 19 2:18 p.m.)

3 thoughts on “Summer update

  1. Oh how I enjoy your pictures! I don’t know how I missed seeing this post in my WP reader.

    90s in Maine is just wrong. When I lived there, in the 1980s and early 1990s, no one I knew had air conditioning in their home. We simply did not need it.

    I hope you are cooling down, finally. Here in New Mexico we have had way too many triple digit days since spring. Yesterday our outside thermometer got up in the mid 90s. But today it’s only supposed to reae the low 60s, yaay!

    I should post some pictures some time, of all the crazy wildlife we keep finding in and around our home. Right now, we are having a plague of caterpillars. Literally thousands of them. Plus we keep finding spiders of every variety, including a red backed jumping spider, which I had never heard of before, several big hairy tarantulas, and I found two toxic bark scorpions right here inside our house. One was on the ceiling of our bedroom and I didn’t see it until after I got in bed! Eeek!

    In the yard there have been toads, lizards, road runners, two different kinds of snakes… and yet we live in a small city, surrounded by houses and traffic, on just a 1/4 acre lot. There are also ants of every size and variety all over our yard. My husband and I don’t like killing things, but we finally got some pesticide spray because we don’t know what else to do! The scorpions can be deadly to small pets, children, and the elderly. And the caterpillars are killing our big beautiful tree in the front yard, and leaving greenish-black caterpillar poo droppings all over everything. Yuck!!

    Whew, I got on a roll there, didn’t I? I have just never had such terrible problems with pests, not even when I lived in rura! Maine. We bought this house and moved in six months ago, and it’s been a battle of the creepy crawlies ever since.

    I wonder what animal you hear barking. Could it be a wolf? Do they ever bark? I don’t know about different types of foxes or coyotes, but I don’t think they bark. Hmmm… maybe one of Stephen King’s muses got lose? 😁

    Congratulations on the online relationship. My daughter, who is a therapist intern, soon to be an independent licensed therapist after she graduates from the university in May, had an online relationship for one year, before they finally met two years ago. They have been together ever since.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scorpion on the ceiling, holy crap! 😮 That is not something anyone wants to see. I hope you haven’t seen any more of ’em!

      I don’t think the mystery animal is a wolf. It doesn’t sound K-9… more a somewhat smaller animal.

      Anyway. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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