“Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”

(Jul 6 8:21 p.m.)

It’s already July 7!  …Time has flown by like never before.

(May 31 4:11 p.m.)

Not long ago, I was at the beach.

(May 31 2:39 p.m.)

May was a somewhat productive month.  July, however, has been hot and tiring.  And sticky.

Outside a govt. building. (May 31 2:40 p.m.)

I failed to post in June… the first month in the history of this blog with zero posts.  I’ve let go considerably; writing for the blog can feel a bit of a chore, and I’m fighting the tired.

But at least I made progress in life, right? …Right?

(May 31 3:53 p.m.)

These days, I’m keeping in touch with a new friend I’ve needed in a long time, and watching YouTube videos in the morning, not to mention drinking plenty of water.

There isn’t much to say… except… the greens got greener, and the blues got bluer.

(May 31 3:59 p.m.)
(Jun 2 2:36 p.m.)

I caught the Japanese maple leaves when they were red.

(Jun 2 2:37 p.m.)

Greens, blues, reds…

(Jun 2 2:35 p.m.)

The birdbath at Barron Center, Portland, is/was out and filled.  (The Anjon’s fountain is also out and active.)

(Jun 2 4:38 p.m.)

And the last time I was there, I saw a bird making use of the window feeder.  In the back, you may notice the birdhouse.

(Jun 2 4:43 p.m.)

Not to be confused with the dollhouse (2010-12), by Dottie St. Peter-MacDonald.  According to the description, she made the dollhouse before going blind.  In the master bedroom (top floor?) is a photo of Dottie and her husband Robert.  Click here to see front side and text.

(Jun 2 2:43 p.m.)

Some flowers bloom in spring.  And some bloom in the summer.

(Jun 2 4:46 p.m.)

Marigolds… appear to be a little of both.  These were photographed in early June.

(Jun 2 2:41 p.m.)

I bet none of the above scenes look the same today.  The beach is probably populated.

(Jun 2 4:54 p.m.)

People come and go… whereas the fish remain in the tank.

(Jun 5 3:54 p.m.)

If you didn’t know by now, it’s summer. (In the northern hemisphere.) How hot is it, you may ask? It’s effing hot. 93° in Maine?  I know from my eyes that the caterpillars melt on hot surfaces.  I can’t imagine what it’s like in Arizona.

(Jun 5 3:58 p.m.)

Some days it rains, of course.

(Jun 29 7:04 a.m.)

A small porcupine sought shelter from some intense weather last week.

(Jun 11 2:18 p.m.)

The rose will continue to be sheltered from it all.

(Jul 2 8:38 a.m.)

These days… it’s not looking so pretty.  But since when has nature been pretty?  Nature always finds a way.  Plants grow out of fertilizer.

(Jul 3 8:58 a.m.)

And this small toad found its way to the side of the house.  So cute.

Fireworks and fireflies… and a complicated political climate lined with lies.  Complicated makes me tired.  So, to bed, I must go. …At least Scott Pruitt is out.

Until next time…

Happy Independence Day. (Jul 4 9:49 a.m.)

3 thoughts on ““Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”

    1. And thank you for reading. 🙂 It’s cooler today— 77°— cool enough for pants instead of shorts. But… on Monday, it will be 90 here whereas slightly cooler there? Heatwaves in summer 🤷🏽‍♂️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 90 again? That’s unfathomable for Maine. Whew. I never had any air conditioning when I lived there. I don’t think anyone around me did, either. Temps in the 90s and no AC… Yikes.

        I just checked Accuweather, and our high this coming Monday is expected to be 91. Which is normal for New Mexico, but not for Maine.

        We have had many days in triple digits this year. I think around 30 days in the hundreds so far, which is hotter than our normal. I don’t like it, but AC makes it bearable.

        Stay cool, my friend!

        Liked by 1 person

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