Spring ahead

(Mar 20 4:00 p.m.)

So the country has switched over to Daylight Saving Time (save Arizona), and spring season is here… in name, anyway; it’s Maine.  The clouds parted on Saturday, and it’s been blue ever since, until this afternoon.  The geese have appeared here or there; but they may have figured it’s still too cold to migrate back yet.

Not a great subject for hard focus. (Mar 16 1:44 p.m.)

There have been some fierce, pushing-your-car-door-closed winds, and branches have fallen.  But the sunlight has been noticeably strong.

(Mar 20 3:18 p.m.)

The living room plant sure sees spring.

A little extra on the top. (Mar 16 1:12 p.m.)

And boy, it is growing.

“I see the light!” (Mar 18 1:58 p.m.)

It grew maybe an inch in two days.  Not that it will ever go back outside.  (And as always, click on a photo to see full detail.)

(Mar 14 12:17 p.m.)

Speaking about inches…

It’s the little things that add up.  Many, many little things. (Mar 15 12:58 p.m.)

We got another 9 to 12 with the latest blizzard.  So we didn’t get 1.5 feet.

A bit clingy, don’t you think? (Mar 13 6:01 p.m.)
Folking hell. (Mar 14 11:24 p.m.)

But it did take a chunk of time out of our lives.

In the “places where the shovel was mounted” collection. (Mar 15 12:58 p.m.)

But hey, chores can be a form of meditation… is something I could say if I didn’t move so quickly.  My right arm is still sore with all the shoveling.

Making a blizzard deposit to the parking lot banks.  Hey, ya gotta put the snow somewhere. (Mar 19 3:25 p.m.)

At least all the snow is blocking the chipmunks from getting into some of the outer spaces of the house.  (The are holes.)

‘Screening’ on the inside. (Mar 18 1:10 p.m.)

New icicles.

Snow of the city; shadow of a tree. (Mar 19 12:33 p.m.)

Oh, and there’s more: more snow in the forecast!  Yay. 😐

Yes, more.  A few inches Wednesday/Thursday.  But it will continue to evaporate, etc., etc.

Dead gutter plant. (Mar 20 4:01 p.m.)


(Mar 19 3:05 p.m.)

While plants are growing…

(Mar 19 3:47 p.m.)

The Hannaford tree was removed.  They’re remodeling, apparently.

“Contemplation” (1987).  Hadn’t noticed this at USM because… I never visited the sixth floor. (Mar 19 1:03 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for now.  There’s always more ahead.  I hope you had some fun on St. Patrick’s Day.  And happy Spring! 🙂

Protect yourself from fake news. (Mar 4 12:19 p.m.)

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