Who dis?

(Dec 21 12:17 p.m.)

My mother bought another snowbird.

(Dec 21 12:18 p.m.)

So I had some photo fun with the two we have now.

(Dec 21 12:19 p.m.)
(Dec 21 12:21 p.m.)

It’s officially winter now.  The winter solstice marks the darkest day of the year… This, of course, applies to the northern hemisphere, not the southern.

(Dec 21 1:38 p.m.)

It was pretty bright during the day, though!  An indigo blue sky Thursday.

(Dec 21 1:51 p.m.)

Some turkeys passed by the back of the house.  (I couldn’t get a get a good shot of them.)  They’ve been “wandering around the neighborhood,” according to my mother.

(Dec 21 12:21 p.m.)

You may have noticed a slight difference in color with the latest photos here… I’ve been compensating for an excess green the iPhone makes.  The snow in the new photos has a violet tint— but so it does to my eyes.  The (amateur) photog I am, I may sometimes recheck the scene, by physically walking back, to line up the colors.

The colors are still washed out a bit… (Dec 21 10:23 p.m.)

Lights are up, and the small plastic tree is up, but there are no lights on the tree (not pictured).

(Dec 10 5:42 p.m.)

The year has, for the most part, been slow going for me.  In the second half of February, I aimed to sit down and write for myself… It’s now toward the end of the year.

(Dec 20 3:19 p.m.)

If you asked me, “Who dis?” I couldn’t tell you.

It’s hard to recover your mind after it’s turned to mush… Sleep doesn’t magically fix that.  The environment must also be improved; which includes removing social media where it’s toxic.

Sometimes, you gotta say ‘no’ to what no longer works, and say ‘yes’ to life.  And that’s easier said than done when you only know how to connect in the ways you know how to connect.

(Dec 10 3:02 p.m.)

Well.  This is probably the last post before Christmas.  So I will end off by saying, Happy Holidays, everyone. 🙂 I suggest utilizing the seasonal darkness to get some deeper rest.


3 thoughts on “Who dis?

  1. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures and words.

    My favorite of your words: “Sometimes, you gotta say ‘no’ to what no longer works, and say ‘yes’ to life. And that’s easier said than done when you only know how to connect in the ways you know how to connect.”

    Yes! That’s what’s been happening in my world, as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It happens with everyone— a matter of change (which is inevitable). But it’s more pronounced in the changing world for people who are isolated or prone to be, and worse with the deliberate trappings of social media — a distorted reality and an echo chamber when a monopoly on news. Real connections require a strong tether to real life.

      Liked by 1 person

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