(Dec 3 1:37 a.m.)

So I finally got an app to get around the built-in Camera app in the iPhone— its “auto” for all the settings.  Bright light sources “normally” come out a bright blur.  (It’s in part due to the spectral sensitivities of less expensive cameras.)

And it was about time.  The “super moon,” as you might have heard of, was out Sunday.  It’s the time when the moon is both full and closest to Earth.  So let’s see what I can get out of the camera now that I have, with MuseCam, the ability to lower the ISO and exposure…

Super moon. (Dec 3 11:36 p.m.)

Sigh.  That’s the best I could get out of it (note: color adjusted) without optical zoom.  At least there’s texture.

There are, of course, people out there with better equipment.

(Source: Twitter/@StepienNatalia.)

Now that’s a photo.  A telescopic photo.

Here?  I tried to use a magnifying mirror.

(Dec 3 1:36 a.m.)

Nope.  Did not really help.

Ah, well.  Maybe next lifetime at some point in the future I can get a better camera, or at least something to attach to the iPhone for optical zoom.

(Dec 3 11:37 p.m.)

Maxing out the exposure settings, I took some (grainy) low-light photos.

Autumn leaves in the dark.  And a light down the street. (Dec 3 11:38 p.m.)
Small tree & leaves. (Dec 3 11:38 p.m.)

These photos would have come out completely black with the older phone.  (Not that these pics are great.)

(Dec 4 12:05 a.m.)

No need to censor the license plate with this darkness. 😉

It’s gotten really cold out at night, in the 20s F.  So when you add the fact that my sleeping schedule has me up at night, that puts my walks outside in the really cold…

(Dec 4 12:05 a.m.)

Plenty of shadows in the path ahead— black shadows of the trees. …And I’m not sure if you can see it.  Human eyesight has better night vision, that I could fairly clearly see the path ahead.  It made me a bit of a “lunatic” to be guided by the moon…

(Dec 4 12:06 p.m.)

Some stars were out.  And a jet plane, maybe two since one of the “stars” appeared to move from photo to photo.  (I also got a photo of one audible plane’s lights… but it came out a blur, sorry.)

(Dec 4 12:06 a.m.)

This last photo is the best I could do at HDR.  Unfortunately, MuseCam doesn’t do HDR photos, so it was with the Camera app.  There’s still enough “light pollution” to make out a non-black sky.

(Dec 5 8:34 a.m.)

Well, thanks for checking out my try at night photography with a non-professional camera.

It’s a brand new day.  One with… clouds.


2 thoughts on “Lunatic

  1. Fun. It’s been in the 20s and even some nights have been in the teens here in New Mexico. But today we were up in the 60s. Our trees were of robins this morning. I have never seen that so late in the year at this high altitude

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