Next Sunday: full moon…  Last night: it took a while to fix the color balance for this photo… Today: downloaded MuseCam for manual white balance! (Photo taken Nov 29 5:27 p.m.)

Yesterday and Sunday I slept longer than expected, that I rose later in the afternoon.  (Of course both days I went to sleep between 8 a.m. and noon.)  These days it’s like I need to sleep in, sleep the day off, sleep it away— just go to bed and not get up for anything.  Getting to sleep and having no reason to get up is not without its obstacles; these days I have a bit of a phlegm problem; no matter how much I spit… tmi.

It seems I have lost touch with what it’s like to have a full night’s rest. …In fact, I’m tired as I type this.  I have problems in being able to concentrate on the task at hand, a symptom of sleep deprivation… and/or spending too much time on twitter.

But!  I finally slept long-ish, and had a dream Wednesday.  It had been a while since I had a memorable dream.  I suppose why I rested the way I did— on both days— was because earlier I was down and afterward I felt loved; they were days I chatted with my faraway friend.  In fact, one of the last dreams began with a “best friend” character… a character who appears to be based on her.

Here’s the story of the dream— what I can remember anyway:

Each day, after our day was done (school or work), my best friend and I would meet up at a stopping place (bus stop, maybe?).  But this day, as I was ahead in time, I chose to make an alternative route to catch her in the middle of her path to the meet-up place.  I didn’t tell her ahead of time; I was impulsive.  Lo and behold, on my journey into the city, I got lost and distracted.

I entered a few buildings I had never entered before, and I met some interesting characters along the way.  One group of young people seemed like a Netflix series was based on them, and I told them so.  I was actually thinking of a series like The Walking Dead, but they were a bit young for that in retrospect, not to mention the fact that Dead is a bloody-violent AMC show based in a zombie apocalypse, but memory recall is different in dream state; anything can get jumbled or translated in a weird way.

The dream sequence kind of ended there.  But the elements of what I can recall hold some meaning.  Getting distracted and lost, impulsive and not saying anything… um, yeah; those are pretty straight forward, lol.

The dream environment was not quite anything I’ve seen before, and I think it was reduced between places.  (It was not a vivid dream; detail was relatively low.)  I guess much of the focus was on seeing new places, meeting and talking to people.

According to a website, dreaming of a mall “reflects the feeling of having too many choices which might be an indicator of one’s carelessness.”  Well, that’s nice.  But it wasn’t a mall per se; I remember a lounge area looking out to an open space within a larger building.  A lounge dream reveals that one is at ease in a situation and not an active participant.”  Kind of like how I behave at the Saturday Aspie group. 😉 But neither of these elements quite apply.

I know that some of what went on in the dream came after thoughts of people and culture, how people are with each other… not so much in-person interaction because I have almost none of that in real life.  It wasn’t the same as a former dream which had more to do with acceptance or being welcome, after interacting over text with another friend out in Britain.  The structures in that dream was… unreal, how fluid the environment was, and relied on the property of my house, in and through it, with exaggerated lengths, and maybe some of its surroundings.  It was both weird and not weird that I seemed to communicate with people without substance of speech.  (Telepathy?)

Your “house is a symbol of yourself.”  So… that other dream means fluid expansion of myself, culturally?  Or is it I’m just fluid in my waist size? 😉

There’s a lot to ponder about culture and the self.  But I should probably get to sleep! 😄

…At 8 a.m. again 10 a.m.


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  1. Your mind will sort out what a dream means. One of my most memorable dreams was a “mall” dream, where everyone had a store in front and lived behind the store. Outside, the huge lobby windows, the entire world was a lifeless desert.

    If you can remember your dreams, they’re great sources for story ideas. 🙂

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