(Nov 25 4:18 p.m.)

Sometimes we get too involved in our work (and/or get frustrated with it) that we miss out on life.  We can miss out on the little things, and on ourselves too.

(Nov 25 4:17 p.m.)

There’s a whole world out there.

(Nov 22 3:58 p.m.)

But you’ll have to… you know, physically leave the house to see it.  The “information superhighway” is just that— a means to transport information, not life!

(Oct 31 3:22 p.m.)

There are no guarantees in life, but you have what you need for the now, and then some.  (Have you forgotten what you have?  Or what you’re capable of?  There’s always something left, silly!)  With your heart in, you will have what you need and want in the future.  Make your day, and do what you can.

(Oct 31 2:25 p.m.)

However big or small, we are all here for a reason.  We are all part of a greater picture and part of a changing world even if we only have a few chips to our name.  Show your loved ones some love, and allow yourself to laugh at yourself every now and then.

(Nov 4 4:48 p.m.)

If you haven’t practiced meditation lately, go ahead and try now.  Close your eyes, and take three focused deep breaths.  Open your eyes, and take in your surroundings— the life and the love, the upkeep and anything else you notice without suggestion.

(Oct 28 5:34 p.m.)

Keep breathing.  The past is behind you.

Well, I hope you’re all having a good weekend!  Be well. 🙂


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