Autumn colors

(Oct 28 4:31 p.m.)

When you live around trees, you’re bound to see the transitions of their leaves, their fruit, etc. But even if you regularly engage in photography, you still may miss the best moments to capture the colors. Windows of opportunity can be short; I was lucky to capture some reds last year.

(Sorry for the HDR artifacting.) (Nov 4 4:45 p.m.)

This year, the reds hit brown by the time I got there.  (Of course, it’s November now.)

(Nov 5 1:00 p.m.)

A mixture of weather patterns makes for a mixture of colors.

(Nov 12 2:47 p.m.)

By now, the leaves are mostly brown and have fallen.  And so have the temperatures… not to mention wind chill.

(Nov 10 12:29 p.m.)

Winds picked up again, recently.  Part of why the late October storm knocked out power for so many was that you had winds blowing in directions the trees aren’t used to. Some areas were out of power for more than five days.  And then, a few days ago, power was knocked out again in some areas.  People found utility poles “tossed” into the ocean. …Is mother nature telling us to stop abusing electricity?

Passenger side view of recent downed wires. (Oct 31 1:29 p.m.)

No, the post office did not deliver a power line to your mailbox.

(Nov 12 2:51 p.m.)

Blackouts can certainly incentivize one in solar panels… provided said panels don’t get covered in snow.  And with temperatures falling into the teens this weekend, some parts have already seen flurries.

(Oct 31 1:58 p.m.)

We’ll see full-on snow soon enough.

(Oct 28 4:44 p.m.)
Notable light greens. (Oct 28 4:34 p.m.)
(Oct 28 4:38 p.m.)

The Deering Oaks park pond was a bit “foggy.”  Maybe it was the water level— low enough that the sand stood out.

(Oct 31 2:02 p.m.)

I still have plenty of October photos left over…

(Oct 28 3:48 p.m.)

…not that it would be a good idea to post them all.

(Oct 31 2:01 p.m.)

Sky colors don’t quite count as autumn colors.

(Oct 28 5:35 p.m.)

But who’s counting?  (I am.)  I suppose this counts since sunsets come earlier this time of year.

(Oct 31 2:05 p.m.)

Sometimes it takes an alternate view to enhance our perspective.

(Nov 4 1:45 p.m.)

The colors wouldn’t be complete without some of our own additions.  Human nature is, after all, part of the big picture.

Behind the hay. (Nov 4 4:44 p.m.)
Foil pumpkin. (Nov 4 4:43 p.m.)

Soon it will be Thanksgiving…

(Nov 4 4:44 p.m.)

…and then winter, where evergreens prove good cover for snow. …Provided they don’t collapse under the weight or more winds, etc.  I’m not looking forward to another ice storm.

Bridge lights, on in the four o’clock hour. (Oct 28 4:39 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for now.  I have more, but it’s time to hit the pause button.

Until next time…

Laid-back frog. (Nov 4 4:37 p.m.)

6 thoughts on “Autumn colors

  1. Lovely!

    When I lived in Lubec, approximately 30 years ago, I wrote a poem about the beauty of autumn in Maine. The poem was published in a newspaper. Unfortunately, I no longer have that newspaper, and I only remember bits of the poem. Too careless of me.

    Thank you for the pictures, they bring back beautiful memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remembered my poem! Or most of it, anyway:

    Down East Autumn

    Flames of orange and burnished gold
    blood red and chestnut brown
    as every leafy autumn tree
    dons now her jeweled crown

    A rage of life belying death
    goes out in blaze of glory
    another year draws to a close
    the climax of her story

    Beneath the scented autumn breeze
    Maine settles in to rest
    and battens down the hatches
    for the season she knows best.

    Liked by 1 person

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