Summer update

(Aug 12 1:47 p.m.)

So I’ve been falling behind on the blogging front again.  I attribute it to the national news, the negativity and lack of confidence in my voice even though I have enough I’d like to say.

Gotta post some day, so here goes.

Last Saturday wasn’t particularly eventful… in Maine, I mean.  I was invited to a BBQ, but declined because it entailed more sitting around doing nothing.  It’s kind of funny because, despite not going, I saw tiki torches— something you’d see at barbecues— anyway, with the news.  (Not much was funny about what happened in Virginia.)

Participation or no, I needed to get out of the house.  And it goes without saying: most of the opportunities in life are not going to be online.

(Aug 12 1:47 p.m.)

First stop… and without much choice (because I can’t drive): timely photos of Crescent Beach, and with the better camera.  As you can see, the beach was populated.  (With people.)

(Aug 12 2:08 p.m.)

A park ranger at the entryway toll booth asked whether I was native to the state.  Maine gets a fair amount of tourism.

Chipmunk! (Aug 12 1:33 p.m.)

I saw a few animals before I even put my feet onto pavement.  (As always, click to enlarge a photo. …And sorry for the traces of bird poop on the windows.)

Later in the week, my mother reportedly saw an adult brown rabbit with a white tail.

Crow. (Aug 12 1:42 p.m.)

I needed more sleep, and planned out loud to do as much.  My insomnia was bad Friday.  I’d made some progress in terms of software, but… slept only three hours that day, and six the next.

(Aug 12 1:47 p.m.)

But, eh, I got out of the car.

(Aug 12 1:57 p.m.)

After all, I like by-foot rock climbing.

(Aug 12 1:48 p.m.)

It was a day of sun bathing and kite flying.  (Not counting me, of course.)

Da plane! Da plane! (Aug 12 2:08 p.m.)

And advertising.

(Aug 12 2:07 p.m.)

Some orange flowers I don’t remember seeing before.

Weird. (Aug 12 2:10 p.m.)
(Aug 12 2:06 p.m.)

Don’t forget the ragweed.  Endless amounts of yellow ragweed.

(Aug 12 2:06 p.m.)

Seems a kid left behind a ribbon.  Another kid apparently left underwear behind.

(Aug 12 2:14 p.m.)

Gratuitous lake panorama.

(Aug 12 5:41 p.m.)

And to finish the day, a slice of Stavros cheese pizza.  I wanted to try their pizza for some time.  My verdict?  It was… pizza.

(Aug 13 6:56 p.m.)

As any indicator that fall is fast approaching, here are some red leaves, found Sunday.

(Aug 16 8:49 p.m.)

One for Wednesday.

In other news, the house across the street is on sale, and has been for some time.  Things are changing.

The gutter growths have grown. (Aug 16 12:39 p.m.)

The neighborhood raccoon managed to get into the trash despite the barrel.  They’re more than smart enough to figure: lift the lid.

Accidental capture of a dragonfly. (Aug 13 3:42 p.m.)

The solar eclipse on Monday will only affect about half of the sunlight here, in Maine.  It will peak at around 2:45 p.m., so I better make sure I sleep at night. …That’s if the news will allow me to.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m probably forgetting something in terms of things at home.  (I mean, besides LePage being an embarrassment for the state of Maine.  Sorry, just had to throw that in there, haha.)

Anyone else perhaps planning for the eclipse?


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