It’s official

I have insomnia.  And I can’t blame the squirrels this time.

My sleeping has been pretty deficient this month, but now it’s getting harder to count the hours.  Yesterday, it was three (two plus one); this morning, just one.  And let me tell you: you can’t really function on one hour of sleep.

Sure, you can get a little buzzed from sleep deprivation, and my memory recall somehow improves in a few areas due to lowered inhibitions.  But my eyes look and feel like crap.

“Coffee Guy”, MADtv

I’m still yawning.  But I’m not sleeping.  Ya get into bed; minutes, hours pass, and you’re still conscious.  You could call that rest, but it’s not particularly useful rest.  You could be doing something else than just lying in bed.  And when you do manage to sleep, there’s a bit of overhead when it comes to REM sleep that a series of short naps don’t cut it.

Sometimes that trick I realized of letting your mind wander into dreamland works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I know there are other tricks.  God forbid I need sleeping meds.

This morning, after prepping for bed, signing out, and putting my phone into airplane mode and under my pillow, I closed my eyes.  After 45 minutes… yeah, still awake.  So I spent a little time “web surfing,” “organizing,” and eventually went outside.  (Exercise can help.)

(Jul 26 8:27 a.m.)

I discovered that some of the leaves outside are already yellowing.

I also found out that, by the ludicrous internal date for the photo, I neglected to set the time zone on the iPhone.  Some days ago (these days are kind of a blur now, so I don’t remember the date), the battery mysteriously ran out on the iPhone, after only a few days without charging.  (My guess is that an app, such as the sound recorder, was left open.)  The world clock on the phone is three minutes behind.  Considering the house has no WiFi to update the world clock, I set the clock manually.  But I didn’t notice the Beijing time zone.  So the dates captioned for photos in blog posts since that date have been 12 hours ahead.  Sorry.

The final photo of the now-deceased wildflower by the side of the house. (Jul 22 7:41 p.m. a.m.)

My writing quality now is… not quality writing.  I’ve been told that quality comes from the inside.  And so I need sleeeeep.

Before I go, I will note that yesterday was mildly interesting for a number of reasons.  But it’s kind of a post in itself because I took over 50 photos.  I’m too tired to put it together now.  Hopefully, after publishing this, I can try to get some sleeeeep.

8 thoughts on “It’s official

  1. I take 2 benadryl every night as prescribed by my psychiatrist. Without it I’ve been known to stay up all night. So every night I take the Benadryl at 8pm and am out by 10pm.


    1. I see that it can also be used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s… Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve never needed medication for sleep, or really had a problem with sleep as per a decade ago.

      It’s this damn place I live in, the news, the stagnation, the friends I have or serious lack thereof, and the virtual inability to fix any of the above. That’s what keeps me up at night: needing solutions.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting, Quixie. 🙂

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      1. If you are anything like me your mind won’t let you rest until you can solve the problems. Hope you were able to get some sleep this last week! How’s it going?

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