Another day at the beach (Part II)

Just a taste of the mile-long arc of the beach, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean. (May 13 1:04 p.m.)

Last Saturday, for sake of mental health, I left the house.  It didn’t matter much where I went.  I landed in Crescent Beach that day, and twice returned.  Each time presented the opportunity to think about where things stand in life… and take newer, better photos.  Long story short, I still have some sand in my shoes.

(May 13 1:37 p.m.)

The conditions of the sky turned the color of the visible sun a little bluish.  It wasn’t cold, but an expression, “cold sun” came to mind.

(May 13 1:46 p.m.)

I took the path that ran adjacent to the pond of the park and to the parking lot.

Sea shells not far from the sea shore. (May 13 1:59 p.m.)
Arranged pine cones. (May 13 1:48 p.m.)

And approached the pond.  (And captured another panorama.)  A bee passed in front of me, if I recall correctly.

(May 13 2:01 p.m.)

I knew I had to be careful about using the restrooms since the running water was probably still off, and it was.  Running water was restored by Monday. … However, I found some drinking fountains were removed some time ago.  I used my bottle of water to wash my hands.

Up and running now. (May 13 2:05 p.m.)

But the day wasn’t over just yet.  Some “purple” flowers were spotted down a different path, and I just had to see them.

(May 13 2:55 p.m.)

I saw more than that…

Fiddleheads. (May 13 2:54 p.m.)
(May 13 2:49 p.m.)
See if you can spot the small bird. (May 13 2:56 p.m.)

We also saw a robin redbreast in the parking lot.  But, you know, when it comes to birds they’re often too elusive or too far away (without optical zoom) to be photographed.

Rocky way to the road back. (May 13 3 p.m.)
(May 15 1:22 p.m.)

On the second day— Monday, I climbed this giant rock by foot. …Long story short, I got back into eating trail mix that day.  Too bad a number of store-brand trail mixes use sulfur dioxide as a preservative.

Red bottom, clear water. (May 20 1:59 p.m.)

By the third day— this Saturday, the sun was more intense; temperatures briefly topped at summer levels during the week.  91°F in spring?

A little overexposed, but what a view nonetheless. (May 20 1:57 p.m.)

It was warm enough that I saw beach towels.  I also saw a sun bather way down the coastline past the sands.

Someone also placed a dandelion on this towel. (May 20 1:16 p.m.)
Lower tide exposing seaweed. (May 20 1:25 p.m.)
Finally, out of the woods. (May 13 3:05 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for now.  You should see how green it’s getting where we live.  And you will; next time.  Until then…

Tyre, anyone? (May 20 1:46 p.m.)

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