Immature, but slowly pushing forward

Early rain. (May 12 7:55 a.m.)

Summer solstice is now only forty days away.  But spring here still has a ways to go.  The birds may be singing, and the seasonal clothes may be lighter, but the leaves and buds are still in their early stages.

A fibrous early start. (May 11 3:40 p.m.)

Soft greens, and even reds, immature plant blooms come in a variety of shapes and colors.  This time the iPhone camera is being used to capture the early state of the budding, particularly the “front porch plant” buds.  (Click a photo to enlarge.)

Lower growth, behind and below the porch. (May 12 1:21 p.m.)
Old and new, front yard; one leaf is still hanging on. (May 12 1:56 p.m.)
(May 12 1:25 p.m.)

The small tree next to the driveway had shed all of its leaves.  It seems it sheds during the spring, considering its leaves survived the winter.

Growing anew. (May 12 1:26 p.m.)
(May 12 1:21 p.m.)

I noticed some yellow flowers today.  And after several tries, I managed to achieve hard focus with one.  (I used a finger as a focal point— cropped out.)

(May 12 2:10 p.m.)

This flower resides among the greens beside the house.

(May 12 1:11 p.m.)

Plants will germinate anyway they can, and as such may appear in unexpected places.

(May 11 3:41 p.m.)

Such as these greens over the twig pile in the back.

(May 11 3:41 p.m.)
(May 12 1:16 p.m.)

The organically-planted shoots near the end of the driveway are still coming along.  (And that’s if I have “shoots” right.)

Worms?  Caterpillars? (May 11 12:20 p.m.)

Besides the plant life (or on it), I noticed this cobweb during yesterday’s walk, around the time a chipmunk was squeaking, catching my attention (and hiding from me).  I imagine they nest somewhere.  It’s harder to survive out in the wild… which is why we sometimes have a squirrel in our basement.

Mushrooms. (May 12 1:57 p.m.)
(May 12 1:19 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for today.  I gotta do my exercises before it gets to be too late… Okay, so it’s dark out now.

Until next time…

Ever wondered what’s inside acorns?  Well, now you know. (May 12 1:19 p.m.)

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