It’s a Bird-Eat-Bagel World Out There

Nature doesn’t waste food. (Apr 21 3:17 p.m.)

It’s been rain, rain and… clouds, mostly.  One day, someone left out a litter of bagels, and seagulls fought over them.

Nature doesn’t care if your pond’s supposed to be drained. (Apr 21 3:09 p.m.)

I’ve also grown pretty lazy, hence the lazy title for this post, if I do say so.  Till today, I hadn’t been doing my physio-exercises since my final appointment Tuesday (and even then I didn’t know I was seeing the orthopedic doctor, not the therapist, not the general doctor).  The rain interfered with the at-home exercises (the orange bands don’t do well with water— the first band is all stuck to itself now), and then… I was just plain tired.  (Two days spent programming.)

Male and female Anatidae. (Apr 21 12:24 p.m.)

Rain or shine, nature still does its thing.

(Apr 21 12:24 p.m.)

And I end up chasing it for photos.  I caught two ducks just outside the Portland Glickman library building, tucking heads amid light rain/mist.

(Apr 26 2:22 p.m.)

Exercises or not, the scenes made for some notable photos, of wet leaves and less usual colors that challenged my visual perception during the color correction process.

(Apr 26 2:22 p.m.)

These red seeds have practically covered the ground.  (It’s pollen season, alright.)

(Apr 19 12:29 p.m.)

Today, the birch tree, with which I use to perform most of the physio-exercises, was being accessed by ants.

(Click to enlarge a photo.) (Apr 28 6:27 p.m.)

The bugs are out “with a vengeance,” but I powered through three sessions— 30 reps total.

One of few blue skies in a week. (Apr 23 12:39 p.m.)

Today’s skies were a mix of blue and gray.  Being in bed till 4:30 p.m. before getting down to business helped the aforementioned tired a bit.  Being forced up due to sudden pain with both eyes — the occasional infection / what-have-you — did not; but I managed to close my eyes before noon, and sleep a few hours during my quiet stay in bed.

(Apr 28 6:31 p.m.)

On my walk, I noticed large splinters and bark shavings on the leafy ground near the end of the driveway.  I don’t know whether it’s the wind or the pecking birds (not woodpeckers) who are responsible for this.  It couldn’t be the carpenter ants, known to produce saw dust as a byproduct.

Scattered bark, leaf and seed… and acorn head, twig fragments… dirt… (Apr 19 12:34 p.m.)

Another thing to have concluded recently was the mental testing, the evaluation for getting an official Asperger’s diagnosis, for services, etc.  (If you remember the stuffed monkey on a couch— that was the waiting room.)

(Apr 20 2:56 p.m.)

They noted some standout abilities on my part, but my tiredness and carefulness slowed me down a bit, bringing my approximate IQ down to just above average.  I didn’t quite hear (or accept) when I was supposed to serve speed over accuracy… which brings me back to that school day long ago when I didn’t know the word population could also apply to animals.  Sigh, my discouraged baseline always overshadows my human potential.

(Apr 20 1:34 p.m.)

Some blueberry muffins were made that day… and on Tuesday.

Lang’s Express. (Apr 6 6:24 p.m.)

Chinese food, Subway sandwiches and muffins, I’ve eaten a lot of food on days I’ve exercised something… and days I haven’t.  I’m getting fat again lol.

(Apr 20 6:10 p.m.)

But at least in my laziness I’ve gotten away from things that drain my energy— the negativity, for one— things that have promoted my crashing (sleeping early and unprepared).  I need to let go in order to live.

Shells. (Apr 20 6:10 p.m.)

And once you let go of your longing desires, you begin to see things you couldn’t before.

(Apr 20 6:22 p.m.)

Like… who put this here, in tree 52?  (The trees are tagged, apparently.)

…Well, that’s it for now.  I should take another walk.  Until next time…

A little clover on Mr. Skeleton for St. Patrick’s Day… which was over a month ago. (Apr 23 1:24 p.m.)

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