Brighter by the day

(Apr 18 4:09 p.m.)

The snow is officially gone, even in parking lots.  And it’s not unusual to say that about Maine, that it takes until the middle of April for the white stuff to be completely gone.

Proof of zero snow in a parking lot. (Apr 18 3:46 p.m.)

Front yard. (Apr 16 12:50 p.m.)

The days are getting longer, the grass is sprouting, and (planted) flowers are blooming.

(Apr 18 12:21 p.m.)

Before you know it it will be summer again.

Potted flowers, outside the Hannaford store. (Apr 18 3:47 p.m.)

All of which make for opportunities to take better photos with the better camera in capturing this year’s scenes.

Plant fibers. (Apr 18 2:32 p.m.)
(Apr 18 3:02 p.m.)

There was a baseball game at Deering Oaks park Tuesday.

National and state flags. (Apr 18 3:06 p.m.)
(Apr 18 3:05 p.m.)

The pond at the park is still drained.

(Apr 18 3:08 p.m.)

Except for some standing water near the ravine, and a puddle in the sidewalk that never seems to disappear, there’s no standing water at the park.

(Apr 18 3:09 p.m.)

No pond water meant the ducks were mostly on land, waddling and talking to each other.  I managed to capture two of them mid-flight… after scaring them into flying by creeping up to snap photos of them.

Squirrel! (Apr 18 2:59 p.m.)
(Apr 18 3:04 p.m.)

It won’t be long before the Tiqa Café and Bakery will be open again.

On my way home. (Apr 18 4:43 p.m.)

Plenty of water near where I live, some of these waters used by fire trucks.

(Apr 18 4:44 p.m.)

It’s gotten warm enough that the owners of these horses aren’t putting jackets on them.  (Apologies for the quality; the photo was taken through the car window.)

Well, that’s it for now.  I didn’t get enough sleep for my 11:00 physiotherapy appointment yesterday morning. …Yeah.  Until next time…

(Apr 15 5:26 p.m.)

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