Off to see the blizzard…

Hey, I just shoveled. (Mar 14 6:34 p.m.)

It wouldn’t be winter in Maine without more accumulation in March.  And maybe April.

(Mar 14 3:32 p.m.)

The blizzard moving through the northeast hit Maine Tuesday morning.  And according to a recent forecast, our county is apparently one of the few in the state to get the most snow.  And so, after being in bed until about 3 p.m. (I needed the sleep), I began taking photos, and shoveling, and measuring, first measuring with the shovel itself.

(Mar 14 3:33 p.m.)

The head of the shovel is slightly longer than 13 inches, so I initially used that to estimate 11″ of accumulation for 3:30-4 p.m.  After that, I used the yard stick, directly, going for the lowest— most shoveled— spots, and measured every hour until 10.  At 9:31, I measured 16″, but by then the accumulation had slowed to a quarter of an inch, subtracting from the previous hour’s height.  The peak hour in the (limited) sampling for the snowfall was 4:30-5:30, from approximately 11¾” to 14″— about 2″ per hour.

(Mar 14 6:35 p.m.)

Other parts of Maine were reportedly getting 3 or even 4 inches per hour.

Path bank. (Mar 14 6:35 p.m.)

To avoid shoveling every time I went out, I walked in my own footsteps.

That’s not snow on the trees, that’s snow in the air. (Mar 14 4:19 p.m.)

On a weather-related note, I have been photographing the progression of the snow almost daily.

Evaporating in direct sunlight. (Sunday, March 12 3:38 p.m.)

Of course, now, with all the snow drifts, the scene above in just one day will be practical white-out again.  Wednesday will be a snow day for much of southern Maine, considering plow trucks gave up due to limited visibility.

Moon. (Mar 8 4:09 p.m.)

Only a week ago, the skies were blue and the snow was clearing.

(Mar 8 4:07 p.m.)

Kids were out, playing Frisbee, hula hooping… I even saw two run across the frozen pond in the park.

Squirrel ! (Mar 8 4:05 p.m.)
(Mar 8 1:25 p.m.)

Okay, so the skies weren’t completely blue.  But scenes like these are remarkable.

(Mar 9 1:47 p.m.)
(Mar 13 3:11 p.m.)

On a final note, I and my mother went to see Logan on Monday.  Suffice it to say, the movie was violent.  But I’ll spare you the carnage spoilers.  The film also expressed the grief of its characters, making it clear that it was more than just an action flick.  Something for the adults.

(Mar 13 12:24 p.m.)

Well, that’s it for now.  It’s time for me to sleep in again.  Until next time…

Serving pastry in the library. (Mar 8 2:15 p.m.)

7 thoughts on “Off to see the blizzard…

  1. Beautiful I’ve always wanted to visit Maine. It’s the kind of place that’d probably inspire me to write and get into photography again. We got a ton of snow here in western NY too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The forests and greens of Maine are a sight, at least for someone not used to them as I am. Of course, said greens have been temporarily replaced with snow. Many areas, peaceful… Totally worth visiting. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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