Getting back to writing… if I can help it

(Jan 9, 2017 4:29 p.m.)

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” —Jack Kerouac

A man of few words — God, almighty, if I keep reducing myself like this, I’ll have nothing left to say!

…So, yeah, it’s 2017.  I know I’m late by the fact that it’s been so long that I need to cut my nails…

Holy crap, it’s been three days since I took these two photos? (Jan 9 4:38 p.m.)

If you could could say a year sucked, 2016 would be one of those years; so the the slide into 2017 has brought me some hope to start afresh— new work, if I can help it (but not too much stress); just a newness like a breath of fresh air.  The thing is, what makes things different than before is our own personal effort.

Puddles. (Jan 4 4:51 p.m.)
Puddles. (Jan 4 4:51 p.m.)

And I’m late as ever.  It wasn’t until the 5th that I got out of the house.  And then I forgot about the Saturday group.  There’s being busy, and then there’s being busy in the effort to be lazy.  To be honest, I’ve been avoiding the writing process.  It’s been one of those scenarios where I don’t focus, don’t feel like I really have anything to write about, and Write Like You’re Giving Birth doesn’t seem worth it.  But there have been things I’ve been meaning to rewrite and finish for a long time, and as always there is always news, even if it’s not close by.  Connecting has always been hard for me, and I guess I am kind of out of touch with myself, not just others, that I haven’t been connecting with my thoughts.  It is certainly a loss when I stop making time to sort things out, writing about it or not.

Maybe I left some of my work ethic back in 2016?

(Jan 11 6:52 p.m.)
A visible moon before 6 o’clock, jet stream above just before 7.  And a Cancer full moon tonight. (Jan 11 6:52 p.m.)

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

And I’ve been staring at screens, so to speak— game and emulator testing, which sounds fun until you know just how time consuming and frustrating it can be as a programmer looking for accuracy.  And then there’s the the new phone, where Apple made things more difficult than need be— with its layers of security, a chore to install even one app, whereas I’d already installed so many on the Android, easy.  I know it sounds small, but when it’s hard to get anything done in a day, it shouldn’t be so damn difficult to type on an iPhone.  No, I’m not transferring my wireless service over.

(Jan 10 1:40 p.m.)
(Jan 10 1:40 p.m.)

I need to get back to life.  Somehow.  I can’t be a mess about my life all the time, where one way or another, I have a hard time believing in what I have… which now includes, by diagnosis, an eye infection that requires me to administer eye drops every two hours.  Sigh.  But you know, life is unfair.  Just got to stick to what works, make the best of it, and survive… Somehow.

(Jan 5 12:56 p.m.)
Ice. (Jan 5 12:56 p.m.)

As far as the weather is concerned, it snowed a little here and there.  And then it got cold enough that I became concerned about my toes.  (But everything’s okay, today.  I think.)  The precipitation in Maine, however, is nothing compared to what California got— blizzard conditions and flooding in different parts.

(Jan 10 1:06 p.m.)
Brown leaves can be quite resilient. (Jan 10 1:06 p.m.)

By now, I’m sure you’re tired of seeing snow, so I’ll wrap up here.  Next up, I will see if I have enough to do an “Inanimates 2016.”  Until then… What about you?  How is 2017 treating you, so far, dear reader?

(Jan 4 4:50 p.m.)
(Jan 4 4:50 p.m.)

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