That time of year.

(Dec 25 5:57 a.m.)
Ignore the stove pipe. (Dec 25 5:57 a.m.)

Christmas here was okay.  Some good food, some remarkable gifts, including jewelry (not for me, haha), but otherwise understated.  It’s been hard getting my mind working lately… And then the Breaking Bad marathon started, so it’s not hard to guess what’s been on the TV lately.  (Until this morning, when the finale aired.)

The was finally tree set up Saturday.

Tree closeup
(Dec 24 8:28 p.m.)

The lights on the small, plastic tree this year are LED, white and battery operated.  And we’re talking a battery box with screws…

Typical digital cameras make it hard to see lights correctly— spectral sensitivities and all.  The ones on the tree are in the form of icicles.  Unlike human vision, you have to lower the exposure quite a bit to capture the shape when lit:

(Dec 24 8:27 p.m.)
(Dec 24 8:27 p.m.)

But anyway.  Our gifts weren’t placed under the tree, but in a box close by… We don’t have much room these days.  Said box was sent by aunt J., featuring a tin can with cookies.  Spoiler (literally): I already ate most of said cookies before Christmas.

(Dec 25 6:54 p.m.)
(Dec 25 6:54 p.m.)

A bird was cooked, yes.  But no turkey this year; we had roast chicken on both major holidays.  I have also been “appreciating” the chocolates and summer sausage we got…

Cheese! …Oh, wait. Cheddar flavored process cheese food. (Dec 25 10:29 a.m.)
Cheese! …Oh, wait.  “Cheddar flavor pasteurized process cheese food.” (Dec 25 10:29 a.m.)

Oh, I want to show off one of the best presents.  But not now.  However, to give you a hint on what it is, you’ll soon see some photographs taken with it.

(Dec 24 3:23 p.m.)
Acorns frozen into the path, which have since been unfrozen and released… and then snowed on again as of late. (Dec 24 3:23 p.m.)

As far as the weather goes, snowed Thursday, and was forecast to snow Friday too.  But despite freezing temperatures, the white stuff has a way of insulating heat such that the climate in the house is fair.

(Dec 24 3:22 p.m.)
(Dec 24 3:22 p.m.)

Either that or the new heater— in replacing the quartz one that had just died— is better.  In any case, I’m not wearing my jacket in the house right now… partly because the jacket got so wet in shoveling to “get my walk on” outside.  It was certainly a good idea to work off what I ate— cheese and sausage (mmmm…).  (And by cheese I mean the Colby I’m used to, not the cheddar-flavored cheese product.)

‎A video still from the new present. (Told you it would be soon.) (Dec 29 ‏‎9:26 a.m.)
‎A video still of falling snow captured with one of the presents. (Told you you’d see results from it soon.) (Dec 29 ‏‎9:26 a.m.)

Oh, the snow may be “pretty” to look at, but it’s not always nice dealing with it, add the potential of a power outage, considering the lights have flickered a few times Thursday night.

(Dec 15 2:39 p.m.)
(Dec 15 2:39 p.m.)

As far as the rooftop “snow holes” go, it turns out that the USM area went “green” with a few tops years ago, installing “several prototype trays on small vestibule roofs of the Abromson Center and parking garage …”  Click here for more.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ve been meaning to touch on a few things, but things are not working right in my head.  Until next time, I hope you had a good holiday experience, and, in advance, have a happy new year. 🙂

(Dec 30 7:17 a.m.)
(Dec 30 7:17 a.m.)

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