Boldly going where one man hasn’t gone before…

(Nov 15 3:54 p.m.)

So, the last time I hit the trail near the house, on the day Maine-native Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody was scheduled to be released, I discovered another path connected to the large clearing.  The first time I visited the clearing, it was starting to get dark (around sunset, plus rain) and I was only passing through, so I missed this path.

The precipitation had begun to pick up again Tuesday, so I put on my L.L. Bean cap.  There was a noticeable decline in elevation, before hitting a split… or fork.  Or…

(Nov 15 3:55 p.m.)

…a Snickers® box (on a branch).

“Packed with peanuts, SNICKERS® really satisfies”®
The yellow ink’s completely faded, making the caramel look alien and the peanuts look like pills or something. (Nov 15 3:55 p.m.)

Like before, I went left first.  It’s hard to say the neighbor kids would be wanting to venture down this area on small motor vehicles…

Moss in the middle. (Nov 15 3:57 p.m.)

…although the path curves somewhat like a race track up ahead.

(Nov 15 4:01 p.m.)

Dodging low / broken branches, there came a point where vegetation had regrown in areas of low clearing maintenance.  I had to use my visual recognition and memory to avoid venturing off course going forward or get lost getting back.  I took a panorama at the location above, but the resulting quality was too low for my standards here.

(Nov 15 4:07 p.m.)
(Nov 15 4:07 p.m.)

I hit a dead end (unable to see any further path).  But I did catch a small body of water.

(Nov 15 4:10 p.m.)

The leading reason why I went out that day was actually to get some sky photos, particularly a “pink” sky photo.  But the gray skies were clearly bluish by then.

(Nov 15 4:11 p.m.)
“Split” area, with fallen tree and Snickers® box. (HDR) (Nov 15 4:17 p.m.)
(Nov 15 4:21 p.m.)
(HDR) (Nov 15 4:21 p.m.)

It was the first time I’d seen a Caution sign in these woods.  There was no indication as to what the warning is about.  (There were, however, a few arrow signs in case someone couldn’t see the path veering.)  Due to the whereabouts of the Caution sign, I thought it could it be for the tree, falling apart on the left— shreds on the ground.

Bridge parts. (Nov 15 4:23 p.m.)

I soon learned these signs were place before bridges, or what’s left of them.  I managed to walk in the spaces between the boards here, so the sign back there didn’t seem necessary.

(Nov 15 4:27 p.m.)

The next Caution sign, however, was very necessary.  The next bridge, also without full board covering, was not one you could walk “through.”  At first, I tried to walk around it, but I just started sinking in the soggy, mossy marsh-like substance in the above photo.  I could immediately feel my feet getting wet, moving sideways.

“Bridge,” facing from hill. (Nov 15 4:28 p.m.)

Getting across this “bridge” was actually kind of dangerous.  There were giant nail heads sticking out of the log I walked on.  Oh, and it was wet, and thus, possibly slippery.  But damn, I put my balancing skills to use!

(Nov 15 4:30 p.m.)
Fat pine tree. (Nov 15 4:30 p.m.)

Yeah, at this point it was too dark to really capture anything more with the camera.  But lucky for me, the above tree kind of marks the end of the trail, considering the fact I couldn’t find any more of a path, walking further.  There was either no maintenance at all or this really was the end.

Of course, I had to face the “bridge” again.  But I made it back unharmed.  The front yard path to the house in darkness, with all I experienced that day, seemed almost alien.  Once I entered, I removed my wet shoes, and relaxed…

Well, that’s it for the November 15th venture, finishing what I could find of the trail near the house.  I got yet more photos to share, including some sheep. 🙂 Until then…

(Nov 16 3:25 p.m.)
State of the USM Portland flowers in recent weather… (Nov 16 3:25 p.m.)

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