(Nov 11 7:32 p.m.)
(Nov 11 7:32 p.m.)

The shock of the national election results hasn’t completely worn off.  And for once, I’m sure I’m not alone… a lot of people shocked.  And with some similarity to Brexit: failing to represent a significant amount of the country was pivotal as to why it went down the way it did.  In order to know what’s going on, you can’t plug your ears and rely solely on previous election data.  You have to, you know, actually listen to ordinary people.

All year, I was so disgusted with Trump that I avoided cable news to avoid him.  But as November closed in, I found MSNBC— and the articles they sourced— a relief.  (And if you know me at all, you know I don’t like partisan news.)  The network consistently “took down” a person I couldn’t stand, and through all my reading I got to know the real Donald… too well.

Fast forward to Nov 8, I voted.  Not being much informed on local issues or candidates, I didn’t recognize most of the names on the ballot… But it should be obvious to anyone who regularly reads this blog as to who I voted for, for President.  I was also a bit of a dummy, interested in signing a petition… while unintentionally standing in the way of people wanting to pass by me to leave.

After that, I went directly home, and soon thereafter slept off the day.  Come nightfall, distracted and missing the ‘reality’ I had in 2015, I went over old stuff I kept of my friends and social media, refreshing my memory of what was and who’s who, compared to now… how these days feel less real.  By 3 a.m., in the motions of turning off, I went to the TV, and checked the news.  I read the headline on the bottom of the screen…

How timely. (Nov 9 1:24 p.m.)
How timely. (Nov 9 1:24 p.m.)

Donald Trump was elected president.  Am I reading this right?  The expression on the screen didn’t make sense to me, knowing what I knew.  I channel surfed.  Clinton had conceded.  Trump made an acceptance speech.  He won.

It was a bit surreal.  The year was already filled with irritating and tiring events; and, to a degree, it has been overwhelming to the point that the political coverage could’ve only become less serious despite consequences down the road… but this was like a plot point in a sleep dream.

It was sobering.  It still is.  I was shocked and a bit scared… but mostly calm.  My normally stuffy sinuses were open with all the adrenaline.  The things that came to mind with the event, the future consequences… considering this guy’s character, or lack thereof— his narcissism, his poor example of a person let alone leader, attracting and hiring disgusting people, making promises he can’t and won’t keep— what little good could come out of a Trump presidency, despite what people say.  (It’s even more insane that I’ve heard he doesn’t even want to physically live in the White House.)

How many times could I say “it won’t happen” for the right reasons, only for things to get worse?  The man with NPD won the primaries, the nomination, and now the presidential election.  This crap tests your faith.  I’m sure there are people out there who were outright traumatized by the outcome, not just disappointed or despondent as with the Democrats.

How much worse can it get?  There are safeguards against any President going too far, should he tough it out (and I mean, he was shocked too—that he won, and not liking how boring the job actually is)… but the pending administration et al. is looking like a GOP supermajority— a “filibuster-proof” majority in House, Senate and oval office… Yeah, news of supermajorities is typically bad news, historically.

So what now?  Donald is facing racketeering and fraud charges.  With all the scandals and dog whistling, the picture is bad already, but wow… Just imagine: a president elect on trial, or worse, a conviction— that Congress could face the opportunity to impeach a President on day one (but probably wouldn’t).

At the end of the day, Donald is a liar of a seller and an actor of a leader.  We got here ultimately because the party sold out, where Trump, at a his prime, managed to take advantage of a weaker field of candidates, not because he’s fit for the job.  This is not normal.

If Nov 9 says anything it would be that things have to get worse before they can get better.  The world we knew ended in 2008 with the global market meltdown; in 2010, almost silently, with FrankenDodd; and on Wednesday.  And in a way, it is revitalizing; we all have to do a better job, and take care of each other.  History is being made… and there are teaching opportunities with this kind of wrongness.

…And, if anything or nothing else, I learned a weird little trick to open my sinuses: realize that Trump has been elected President.  Hey, adrenaline is another name for epinephrine; maybe that trick could be used as an inexpensive alternative to EpiPen? … jk

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    Sorry, but this rant about Trump is just begging to be shared. I can relate so much to the weird surreal feeling after he was declared the winner. I still feel somewhat dissociated, as if this is just a bad dream that I will soon wake up from…except it’s not.


  2. I feel your pain. If you read my pieces, you know where I stand as well. Only now I am stumbling. And not sleeping well. On top of everything else, I live in New York City, and can’t get around my own home town, what with all the streets blocked off and such. So sad. So sickening. Sorry I can’t do anything to lift your spirits. Except to say that I’ve been trying to be extra-considerate to people. It makes me feel better.

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