And the path I took…

(Nov 3 5:22 p.m.)

With so many trees, come so many leaves in the fall.  And varying shades of blue from the bluish rain clouds are seen in the water collected on such leaves.

(Nov 3 5:26 p.m.)
(Nov 3 5:26 p.m.)

Because it was raining Thursday, I didn’t expect anyone to be out.  That helped as far as my courage went, in case I actually was trespassing… Our southern neighbor kids (now adults) have driven small vehicles down this path.  Now, from all the seasonal winds, there are plenty of fallen branches to dodge.  And, like the woods at Crescent Beach park, some of the ground was mushy.

Half past five, the sun was setting, and… it was my first time down this way, so I didn’t catch any small clearing areas along the path.  (I wasn’t really paying attention anyway.)  But eventually, I reached a large clearing.

(Nov 3 5:32 p.m.)
(Nov 3 5:32 p.m.)

An intersection of a clearing.  Two visible paths, ahead and to my left… and a metal folding chair to the right.

(Nov 3 5:34 p.m.)
Humans were here. (Nov 3 5:34 p.m.)

Did I get here, this far, just turn back?  No. …So… I had to choose which of the two paths I would venture down next.  I went “left.”

(Nov 3 5:37 p.m.)
Over-saturated HDR photo. (Nov 3 5:37 p.m.)

I tested out the GPS setting on the phone, basically to say “I am here.”  But the Google apps needed my permission for… well, anything.  I declined.  My coordinates weren’t even logged into the picture I took when GPS was on.  Oh, well.

(Nov 3 5:45 p.m.)
(Nov 3 5:45 p.m.)

There were plenty of low-hanging branches down this way.  And eventually, HDR wasn’t enough for the smartphone camera; it was getting dark, and fast.  Soon, I heard a car passing well ahead of me; I figured I was approaching a road.

Might as well have made this black & white, how inaccurate the colors are. (Nov 5:48 p.m.)
Someone’s house to the left… Might as well have made this photo black & white, how inaccurate the colors are. (Nov 5:48 p.m.)

Was I finished?  Heck no.  I went back; I pushed on to finish the relatively short “fire lane trail”; I went down the other path at the clearing “intersection.”

(Nov 3 5:57 p.m.)
(Nov 3 5:57 p.m.)

At this point, I needed to turn flash on.  Of course, the LED light had limited range.  When I found some tires, I had to get close.  There was another clearing up ahead— an industrial-looking clearing (sorry; the picture came out mostly black), before seeing another nearby home/property, and hitting a dirt road.

(Nov 3 6:02 p.m.)
(Nov 3 6:02 p.m.)

On the way back, I fooled around with an audio recording app… nothing worth putting up here… Usable recordings wouldn’t be until the next day, at least.  But I did get my socks wet with the wet weather, wearing shoes not meant for the conditions.

(Nov 6 1:07 p.m.)
(Nov 6 1:07 p.m.)

Revisiting the “trail” Sunday, I discovered something of a campsite, with a chair and a few mossy cinder blocks, among other things.

(Nov 6 1:06 p.m.)
(Nov 6 1:06 p.m.)

Starting earlier, and with less rain, I could get better, clearer photos.

(Nov 6 1:08 p.m.)
(Nov 6 1:08 p.m.)

Turning back from the clearing, I discovered rather bright turquoise moss (and yes, fairly intense in color to my eyes, not just the camera)…

Bright, turquoise-like moss; and yes, it was bright to my eyes. (Nov 6 1:25 p.m.)
(Nov 6 1:25 p.m.)

But it was on my way toward the clearing (before I headed back) that I spotted what appeared to be a deer, though it had a dark hide.  I tried to capture it on video, with no luck.  But I did capture a squeaking chipmunk— small, striped and vocal— not a squirrel.  Here’s the audio:

It began raining, and I left, but the little thing kept calling.  Sooo cute.

Well, that’s it for now.  There’s more to come, including what I can see of my life path.  Until then, here’s something else I discovered at the clearing…

(Nov 6 1:20 p.m.)
Budweiser: King of Beers. (Nov 6 1:20 p.m.)

And for some additional outdoors audio— however near the house, with rain gutter dripping— click here.  (May not work in all browsers.)


4 thoughts on “And the path I took…

  1. OMG. This post — and the photos — reminded me SO much of the Blair Witch Project. But in a totally good way (I actually love that movie) Thanks for taking us on your walk with you; at least we didn’t get our socks wet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s one of the pros in experiencing things through a blog: not having to worry about clothes getting wet/dirty. Glad this resonated in some way… although I had more fear of potentially dropping branches from the weather than witches. No hunters out now, but… if so, maybe I could put my I Voted Today sticker on my head to let them know I’m not an animal.

      Liked by 1 person

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