Turn of Fall

Some berries… across the street. (Sep 22 5:49 p.m.)

Frost advisories, yay. 😐 The estimated overnight low is 42°F (and colder in some parts).  Still okay during the day— so far, I’ve braved the (moderate) climate, sporting a jacket only when there’s rain.

Morning rain. (Sep 19 10:35 a.m.; two days prior to autumnal equinox)

The decline in sunlight and heat hasn’t stopped all growth.  Some flowers have held together… or even bloom, possibly.

(Sep 22 5:31 p.m.)

These two stood out; I thought they were white, but on second glance I noticed a purplish tint to them.

Best focus I could achieve with the camera… (Sep 24 5:37 p.m.)

Not noticing this color, I messed up the first take attempting to “correct” the “white.”

…So much time is wasted just dealing with the auto-white balance and the auto-focus… and the auto-gamma, the auto-this, auto-that; it can be rather frustrating.  Professional photographers, of course, would rather operate a professional camera, not a smartphone camera.

(Sep 23 4:20 p.m.)

In a prior session with the therapist-counselor-whichever, he asked me if I had any rage over the break.  I couldn’t remember any. …But the frustration with the camera had contributed to one instance during the first night of fall…

Mature flower head. (Sep 23 4:21 p.m.)

Earlier in the day, I tweeted “Happy autumn solstice :)” …See the mistake?  The term is autumn equinox.  A solstice is a peak— closest or furthest distance of Earth to the sun, and an equinox is when the lengths of day and night are about equal.  Of course, not many people notice a mistake like that or really care. …But I had also added a bunch of names, so several people would get notification.  Another case where I am an idiot. 🙂

(Sep 22 5:12 p.m.)

Leading up, there were ups and downs.  The good part was that I finally made a phone call with my far away friend. 🙂 It was brief, and I didn’t have much to say (which isn’t uncommon; there’s a lot of silence on my part talking to the counselor)… but a positive nonetheless.

Nothing ‘up’ is without a down, of course.  The call was made outside, and I backed my right leg into a board with a nail, which prompted me to Wikipedia tetanus.  (Turns out a wound would have to be deep for the bacteria to hit the central nervous system, so that kind of infection is unlikely.)

Tyre’d. (Sep 22 5:29 p.m.)

Later on, I began to judge myself— debating how useful I’ve been, and my looks.  Raising the question of why I appear where I do… I look like a creep.  Looks are, of course, shallow and not helpful on basis of intent.  (It matters that I don’t have bad intentions. …Though, I can still be deemed repulsive while trying to help someone.)

(Sep 22 5:50 p.m.)

The frustration, along with my inability to get in touch with the right people… I childishly broke my chair. …In other words, sit easily I cannot, while writing this.  You could lash out at something as result of fear; you could cry over being unable to help someone or something you put your heart into.  I lashed out… against the one thing that did nothing but support my ass, lol.

Oh, karma.  Leaves and acorns are falling… and because of my aggression, if I sit the wrong way in the chair, I sink forward, and possibly fall onto the floor.


2 thoughts on “Turn of Fall

  1. I love seeing pictures from other parts of the country, and the world. Thanks for the view from your perspective.

    The leaves start falling here in late November or December and are back in late February or early March. Some flowers hold on until late December, unless there have been several nights where it’s under 32F.

    On the other hand,there’s a hurricane off the coast of Florida and no one knows if it’s going to skirt the coast or move eastward.

    No one, and no place, is perfect.

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