Final Days of Summer (Part I)

(Sep 15 2:19 p.m.)

Last week of the season.  More red leaves are showing up, and the temperatures are dropping with them, into the 40s F.  At least where I live.

(Sep 15 2:17 p.m.)

September 11 was not only the 15th anniversary for the worst day of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, it was also a day of debris at home.  Powerful winds and thunderstorms.  Dark skies during the day, and, for some odd reason, the ground was dry in the afternoon.

(Sep 11 5:29 p.m.)

Most of the greens are still mostly green.  Maybe not quite verdant now, but in the green range.

(Sep 11 5:31 p.m.)

And the digital lens on the smartphone camera is still too sensitive.

Overexposure that probably shouldn’t occur this much. (Sep 3 5:12 p.m.)

The flowers at USM Portland are still vibrant.

(Sep 13 2:03 p.m.)

Yes, after months of virtual solitude, I finally got off the property.  The main impetus: uploading large files because I don’t have inexpensive broadband at home.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to appreciate what I uploaded… countless hours of fixing up music to sound much better, and… sigh, I guess I did it for me alone, then.  (It was game level music, but still…)

The 13th at the library (and then some) was nevertheless an opportunity to take lots of new photos to complete the first half of the month.

Bird bath (I think) at Wishcamper Center. (Sep 13 2:06 p.m.)
More plants inside USM Library building, lobby. (Sep 13 2:11 p.m.)
Near-full tree panorama at Deering Oaks. (Some clipped at top and right… and a bit overexposed.) (Sep 13 4:29 p.m.)
(Sep 13 4:40 p.m.)

The waters at Deering Oaks park have gotten a bit green.

(Sep 13 4:39 p.m.)

…Don’t forget the birds.

(Sep 4:36 p.m.)

Lots of birds.

(Sep 13 4:34 p.m.)

Lots and lots, and lots of birds.

(Sep 13 4:44 p.m.)
Seagulls up in the air… Look at that water glimmer, like a painting. (Sep 13 4:35 p.m.)

Well that’s it for part I.  There are so many photos I want to share that I had to divide the ‘final days’ up into parts.  Plus… summer ain’t over yet! 🙂

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