Weathering the final days of summer

Dragonfly. (Aug 29 2:23 p.m.)

Schedules are moving, and the youngest have returned to school.  There are only three weeks left of summer; the autumnal equinox will begin on the 22nd (10:21 a.m.) for the northern hemisphere.  (14:21 UTC for the southern hemisphere.)

Excuse the automatic white balance of the phone camera. (Sep 2 6:55 p.m.)

Winds are moving, and to the magnitude of hurricane force winds for the southeast.  Florida was hit hard by Hermine— 100,000 still without power this morning.  (The radar was a bit frightening too; the storm weather pretty much covered the state in whole!  I frickin’ prayed, or attempted to, for Joelle’s safety.)  And now it’s moving along the east coast… the Carolinas.  In time, it may hit the northeast.

But right now, it’s just the last leg of the season here.  Not much wind, and not much change in appearance; however, the colors of the wild raspberries are certainly different.

(Sep 2 6:51 p.m.)

Upon observation, the ‘blackberries’ are looking more like blackened wild raspberries, though I’m not sure.

Much better focus. (Sep 1 6:13 p.m.)

I managed to capture a dragonfly, but I couldn’t get the camera to focus.  The featured image at the top was the best shot.  (As always, click on an image to enlarge.)

It rained, earlier Thursday.  (Just for completeness; don’t want to ‘rub it in’— the yawn of a weather pattern seen around these parts lately.)

(Sep 1 6:15 p.m.)

…And I found some new mushrooms in the driveway.

(Sep 1 2:53 p.m.)
Close-up of rightward mushroom. (Sep 1 5:20 p.m.)

Found a stone along the path… funny how I couldn’t seem to find it looking for it, but it sticks out otherwise.

(Sep 1 2:51 p.m.)

By now, some of the plants are falling apart on their own.

(Sep 2 6:52 p.m.)

Most of the greens (and yellows) are still alive and kicking.

(Sep 2 6:52 p.m.)

One of the trees isn’t doing so well…

Coarse saw dust in nature. (Sep 2 6:56 p.m.)

Carpenter ants have really ripped into it.  I’m fairly certain of it, finding the ants with my own eyes, with the same kind of crevice(s) formed by such ants.

Smile for the camera. (Sep 2 6:57 p.m.)

If you look closely in the flash-photo, above, you’ll find one in the center.

Holes. (Sep 2 6:57 p.m.)

Speaking of yawning… *yawn*… I haven’t slept.  Ten hours Friday (plus a sore back ’cause the mattress sucks) doesn’t make up for all the fives over a span of… God knows how long.

Revamping the region code in my graphics software isn’t as fun as it sounds, so without further ado, it is time for me to make this Saturday lazy.  Will catch up later.  Toodles, lol.

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