Summer update

(June 30 4:13 p.m.)

Well, the flowers are back at USM Portland.

(June 30 4:12 p.m.)

…Flowers that don’t seem native to Maine. …Not that I would know.

(June 30 4:13 p.m.)
(June 30 4:13 p.m.)

Back at home, the ‘wilted’ wild flower bloomed…

(June 29 1:25 p.m.)

…Before shedding all of its petals.

(July 3 3:20 p.m.)
(July 4 12:10 p.m.)
Now TIQA Café and Bakery. (June 30 4:31 p.m.)

In other things, the 1894 Castle in Deering Oaks Park has now become the operating sight of a new café and bakery.  For the official website, click here.

(July 9 5:34 p.m.)

The outdoors scene doesn’t work too well with rain, though.  Getting more of that in the next couple days, around Biddeford.

(June 30 4:40 p.m.)

…But the park greens sure come to life when they get the water and sunlight that comes in the summer.  In the previous panoramas, the trees were bare.

(July 8 12:27 p.m.)

That isn’t to say all of the plants are doing well.  At least one leaf has browned on the ‘porch plant.’  The insects have sure left their mark.

Caterpillar? (June 13 4:25 p.m.)
USM Portland parking lot. (June 30 4:17 p.m.)

…And no, the cherry blossom tree hasn’t produced any more blossoms.

Well, that’s it for now. …I had written some thoughts on matters of recent events, but the construction and direction of the piece were fatally flawed.  With new events and details come to light, there was good reason to scrap the piece.  Be sure to perform your own fact checking because the news media aren’t performing theirs in some areas. …Condolences to the families of those who have died, including the members of law enforcement who protected the people protesting them.  May love and truth prevail.

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