That Little Thing Called Representation

Now that the dust has settled with Brexit, people can stand back and look at it without panicking.  Some of the short-term ripple effects of the referendum outcome are past us; many markets have rebounded, but there are still long-term consequences.  The GB pound was set back over thirty years against the U.S. dollar, and has yet to fully recover.  Without certainty, volatility— those are things you want to avoid in the markets.

The word ‘tariff’ came up, in regards to Britain trading with its neighbors.  I don’t remember the last time I heard that word.  Debt is another issue of the times, particularly with Greece.  After all, Brexit was coined after Grexit (Greek exit). …Which reminds me: the Puerto Rico “rescue” bill was passed and signed.  PROMESA, it’s cool… if you don’t look at the reality surrounding it.  Non-English speaking people getting disability for not speaking English, executive orders and 99% underfunded public pension money

…But back to the U.K.

Why did it happen?  Why did the majority of turnout (and a large turnout) vote to leave the E.U.?  You’ve probably already heard answers from news media by now.  And those surprised by what happened, well… It’s easy for narrative-driven publications to be surprised by the events that unfolded— to be surprised by actual news due to distorted views.  Don’t get me wrong, I had no idea which way it was gonna go.  But it’s not hard to figure out why, when it happened.

It’s easy to find lack of representation in the matter.  That’s something almost universal in the 21st century: political support with a crooked definition of support.  It becomes crazy when unelected faces in other countries have say on policy matters at home.  Some Brits, sick of it all, have harassed visiting Americans… So for outlets to paint large numbers of the public as ‘simply racist or xenophobic,’ for whatever reason, is inaccurate, not just wrong.

Misrepresenting the people: something I’m familiar with.  It didn’t matter that regular people joined Tea parties, they were all maligned, every one of them.  Sure, you can pick people out of a crowd, and reduce people to stereotypes, which much of the news media did.  Some anti-conservatives also staged photos.

…Throughout history, ego and incompetence most often brings us: finger-pointing.  And with the worst P.R., fabrications, the classic “they want to push grandma off a cliff”… Mathematically, cuts need to be made somewhere to curb overspending.  If you haven’t noticed, the U.S. national debt hit $20 trillion.  But instead of cutting excess and going after fraud, those in power now rarely brave the heat.  (To be fair, some politicians these days get death threats.)

Distractions or no, some truly ugly things happened surrounding Brexit.

The murder of Helen “Jo” Cox, for one.  Just horrible.  No justification there, of course.  But I shouldn’t have to tell you that it’s not politics that drive someone to homicide; it takes a lack of empathy and the decision to carry out the act and many other psychological factors.  It’s a wake up call.  But one 52-year-old man’s terrorist act is something to have the man rot in prison, not further heat a political war.

To a degree, the leave was nationalistic— in the belief that a nation would benefit “from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.”  But the leave has also been seen by some in the more… well, arrogantly proud part of the population as an indication of solidarity… in bad behavior… harassing Americans even more.  There’s retaliation over poor representation, and then there’s stupidity.

Outlets over here have said it’s the perfect time for Americans to visit the U.K. because of the strength of the dollar.  Yeah, that really makes me want to get a passport so I can get hissed and yelled at. 😏

Rights require responsibility.  And it encourages crud on the internet to arrest people over ugly speech.  The Syrian refugee crisis is part of the picture in what led to the leave.  Regardless of any true crime, hate speech about Syrian refugees online can result in being arrested.

After all, exploitation is one of the greatest tools to those desperate for control.  (And people who make death threats do it for a sense of control too.)

Could it get any worse?  Of course.  Some people saw the age statistics in the turnout, and thought, “age-weighted voting.”  To add insult to injury, represent the public even less?  Here’s a article on that.  With articles like “Is Malcolm Turnbull Hot? An Investigation,” shows itself to be trashy.  (In my not-so-humble opinion.)

Unfortunately, this century’s civil rights era seems to be more about politicians trying to curb rights, if the so-called “conversation” on guns is any indication.  Redacting instances of “radical Islam” in official documents adds to the denial.  A self-repressed gunman attacks yet another gun-free zone, so… make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves?  (And lie, by claiming it doesn’t…)  “It’s just common sense,” says President Obama.

I don’t know about you, but to me a right is something government cannot restrict without criminal abuse.  And that’s key: criminal behavior, not identity, not objects of the rights of individuals.  Bans won’t magically make a problem disappear, they grow black markets; banning Muslims from entering will only mean they’ll be forced to come in through a backdoor.  You might as well call me “old” for bringing up speakeasies too…

Ronald Reagan said, There are no easy solutions, but there are simple ones. …However, dishonest politicians tend to make things more complicated… dare I add Reagan too to the mix as his administration also added a large amount of debt.  There are no sacred cows anymore; we can’t afford them.

Hey, terrorism is getting out of control, and it includes stabbings in the streets of Britain— can’t blame guns there. …I could say, go after the true criminals, but the Control Freaks of Political Correctness these days may consider that hate speech.  Identity politics is kind of evil ’cause, with it, no one is represented as an individual.  Even if you are part of the majority, you can still be misrepresented by those who put popularity over quality of fact or devalue people.

At the end of the day, corrupted ideology is the enemy.

Misrepresentation ends when honesty begins, starting with ourselves— being honest with ourselves… which is why I have no hope for the media at this point— there is so much to admit to, and no effort anymore.  There’s certainly no honor in fabricated journalism, with doctored photography as a glaring example.  It can be overwhelming to find out what’s actually going on… not that anyone can handle everything.  (Gotta take care of business at home.)

Journalists and politicians alike seem to think they can’t compete if they don’t sensationalize and exaggerate.  It becomes narcissistic, deluded on capability yet failing to deliver, these days quick to blame others… with both the remaining U.S. Democrat and Republican presidential candidates as examples of narcissists.

It could be worse, I know, I know.  But do we actually want to lower the bar even further?? …At least Britain won’t have to take orders from bureaucrats outside of the country… not that things will necessarily improve.


Well, those are my tired, flawed and overlong thoughts on the matter.  Not much on Brexit, specifically, but… I’m tired.

I hope you had an awesome Fourth of July. 🙂 …My Independence Day was spent indoors… consisting of: attempting to rewrite code, compiling Beatles lyrics, and accidental naps.   …Did you know that Harrison’s “Savoy Truffle” was written on behalf of Eric Clapton’s chocoholism and subsequent warnings of tooth decay? …Which reminds me: I need to brush my teeth again.

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