Spring Update

Mostly blue skies, Friday afternoon. (May 6 3:10 p.m.)

It’s not out of the ordinary for Mainers to get snow during spring… but there’s been no snow here in the month of May. …Well, there was that one year…no snow in May, 2016.

(Apr 27 11:53 a.m.)

I know, I kind of left it there with the last post, when it did snow.  But it cleared up the next day.  I don’t have a photo for April 28…

(May 5 5:55 p.m.)

…but I do have some nice pictures to share, photos taken on other days.

Moss on wood. (May 5 6:17 p.m.)

…Yeah, it’s been raining lately.  But today was a rather warm day.  A no-jacket day. 🙂  Clouds mostly parted to yield a blue sky, and clouds gathered again.

Oh, I’d like to share the images of the last few weeks, but I’ve been dealing with some bugs lately…

Extra-large spider. (May 2 2:13 a.m.)

Some of them literal bugs— arachnids, to be specific.  It was a bit of a warning when I saw a tick climbing one of the kitchen walls weeks ago.  Yesterday, a tick managed to bury itself enough into my skin enough to leave a mark. …I’ll spare you any photos of that… I noticed a pain in my right side, but didn’t look until it was too late.  I pulled out something (with my bare fingers), and it was tiny— like a deer tick.  Getting it out intact limits my exposure to any potential Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever… It’s unlikely that I’ll get either, but I should check in with the doc anyway. …It takes a hard edge to kill a tick (they’re able to squeeze into small spaces), so… the aforementioned ticks, yeah, they’re dead.

As for the less literal bugs, I’ve been a bit busy on some software.  I don’t get much time with a broadband connection— at the Portland University (USM), where I’ve taken many a flower photo…

Notice the red tulips and indigo plants; I have a 1-megabyte photo of those in particular, in-frame… (Apr 30 4:33 p.m.)

…but when I do establish a broadband connection at USM, I… tend to lose sight of some of the things I could (or should) have done.  I got my software update uploaded (the bigger intent)— where I’d remastered two MP3 tracks for a game conversion… and allowed myself to get trapped in sponsored content (didn’t get much sleep to start the day) on Carly Simon’s exes and “embarrassing photos.” …Spoiler alert: You’re So Vain had Warren Beatty in mind… for one of the three figures.

“Shampoo” (1975)… not to be confused with “Samurai Champloo” (Japanese anime)

Toward the end of April, someone uploaded the Japanese version of the Marathon Trilogy— two discs in one archive.  (Marathon is Bungie’s predecessor to Halo. …I’m not sure how many people reading this are familiar with either…)  I was a bit excited to finally get my hands on a version of something I wasn’t able to buy when it was out.  (I was still a teenager when Halo was out, after all.)  And so I was back to developing my Windows port of the game engine to handle the content, fixing bugs and all the rest…a lot of user-made content on the “Map Collection” disc, the vast majority of it in English.

…It’s hard to believe I’ve spent twelve years of my life on one software project. An on-off effort, yes, but… twelve years is still a long time for a “hobby.”  God, I need to get paid.

(Apr 19 2:21 p.m.)

I’m beginning to up the compression quality for the high-resolution images I put up here… if you’ve noticed, the JPEG file sizes are running over 500K each.  Next time I get “free” broadband access, I’ll upload the next series of photos— some running around a megabyte.  The pics put on these posts are resized “large,” so the posts don’t require a great connection to view— one of the great things about WordPress.

So, until then…

OrphanBlack-s2d1-7m15sI have some catching up to do on Orphan Black, season 3. 🙂 …My, Maslany has won so many awards for that series.

…Oh, right— And don’t forget about Mother’s Day, this Sunday!  (Parenting is so much work! …Not that I would know, first-hand-experience-wise.)


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