April showers bring May…snow

(Apr 26 12:18 p.m.)

Aww… the grass was just beginning to rise…

The skies were mostly blue Monday.  Tuesdays, temperatures dipped low enough that the in-coming precipitation turned into a blend of rain and snow.  The gutters were still dripping (water) during my walk.  I got snow on the sides of my hair despite wearing a cap.

The weather’s returned to spring today. Three sunny days in a row, according to the Accuweather forecast. …But there is still snow on the ground around the house… So… how about some new photos to remind us of what spring is supposed to look like, alright? All right.

The birds were out…

Two geese joined in with the seagulls and ducks.  (Deering Oaks park.) (Apr 23 4:33 p.m.)
These ducks were on the walkway.  Nevertheless, I scared them off. (Apr 23 4:31 p.m.)

Flowers on… trees?

USM Portland parking lot. (Apr 23 2:08 p.m.)

The flags were out.

(Apr 23 5:43 p.m.)


(Apr 23 4:37 p.m.)

…I wonder if any were taken down today considering the freaky weather…

(Apr 21 3:25 p.m.)

Saturday marked the day I got a successful panorama from a top floor window of the USM Portland building. …Okay, not 100% successful that I removed two partial cars from the image.  (Can you spot my edits?  Hint: They’re on the right side.)

Clouds rolling in… (Apr 23 2:15 p.m.)

No ‘repairs’ were necessary for a panorama taken Thursday.

(Apr 21 3:31 p.m.)

A little something about the trees:

(Apr 21 3:29 p.m.)

“… Many of the park’s mature oaks are under stress, as can be seen in the canopies of the trees.  Poor soil, soil compaction and the lack of nutrients have a long-term impact on tree growth.  This project is a joint effort of the Portland Public Services, the Friends of Deering Oaks and the University of Southern Maine.”

So the park may be ‘beautiful,’ but it takes human effort to keep it alive.

(Apr 21 3:23 p.m.)

…Not counting the rocks, of course. …Well, they could be vandalized like some of the lamp posts, so I guess every bit of the park deserves some maintenance.

No graffiti here… (Apr 17 4:50 p.m.)
Shimmering pond water… (Apr 17 4:38 p.m.)

Well, I got more photos post about… and I’ve streamlined the process a bit… but you’re gonna have to wait, considering the kind of internet connection I have most of them time. 🙂

…Oh, green grass, what did you do to deserve this snow?

(Apr 26 12:18 p.m.)

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