Officially Spring… maybe

(Apr 8 1:02 p.m.)

The greens have sprouted.

(Apr 10 2:32 p.m.)
Grass. (Apr 13 3:50 p.m.)

The sky, incredibly blue. An indigo blue… the violets of the spectrum are probably well-present.

Notice the moon. (Apr 14 4:52 p.m.)

The human body responds to blue spectrum light by being more awake.

Daylight hours continue to increase until the peak in June— the 20, to be precise.

(Apr 9 4:56 p.m.)

No snow… not where I live, anyway. …There was hail in Poland, then Ireland, then Texas and Oklahoma on the 10th… snow in New England the following morning. But it’s been nothing but spring weather here.

The people at USM Portland put up a new tree.

(Apr 9 4:54 p.m.)

…If only I could identify what kind it was.

(Apr 9 4:55 p.m.)

…And yes, it’s real.

(Apr 9 4:56 p.m.)

The grass is certainly greener at the park.

Baseball field at Deering Oaks. (Apr 9 5:26 p.m.)

The animals are out; the flies, getting in my face; the squirrels, growling at each other…

Ducks in the pond. (Apr 9 5:30 p.m.)

Oh, and there were people too.

(Apr 9 5:23 p.m.)
Down, boy. (Apr 9 5:32 p.m.)
Down, boy. (Apr 9 5:32 p.m.)

Okay, not a lot of people.

“Joe Black’s (1982-2007) bench: Sit here, rest awhile… and remember me.” (Apr 9 5:32 p.m.)

…But the playground and one tennis/basketball court were active.

The “visitors’ center” is still closed, of course.

(Apr 9 5:27 p.m.)

They used to sell ice cream there, in cones, many years ago. (Ice cream soda?) …And now, the place seems to be open only during the summer, if at all.

(Apr 9 5:28 p.m.)

It was definitely a #BlueSkyFriday…

(Apr 15 11:14 a.m.)

The blue of the sky may be a time to be awake, but there wasn’t much reason for me. No one needed me, and… I thought again about how social media can be a house of mirrors. No interaction that day. …Boy, do I waste time.  …Time.

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

So I went outside. I brought up my obstacles in life. …Wind, silence. I walked. …I noticed the indigo-blue sky. …Eventually, I just decided to let go, and sleep all afternoon and all night. And then my glasses, which I put on the bed beside me, slipped off the edge, and irretrievably down against the wall, into the dust… (They were retrieved later on.)

…Today, the clouds began to roll in.

Well, I hope your Spring has been good so far. Don’t let my blues ruin your blue sky days. 😀

Until next time… signing out.


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