Tuesday Lunacy


Last Tuesday began with a dream that blended The Walking Dead with Spongebob.  That kind of dream is not unusual for me; a first for the Walking Dead Spongebob, but sometimes I have strange dreams like that. …The TMJ pain on the left side of my face wasn’t unusual either.  What marked the day, weather-wise, was the WIND, in capital letters— loud indoors.  And then came the rain, which formed new lakes outside.  I got my not-bare feet wet attempting a walk… What a day.

So Tuesday would be the beginning of a new love affair. …With music, that is.  To be precise, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon.  I don’t remember ever hearing one its tracks in whole, let alone the whole album. …I confess, I’ve listened to a cover of the album…


Chances are, you’re not familiar with Moon-8, an NSF cover by Brad Smith… something made for the Nintendo. …Yeah, it’s an unusual piece of music, rendering the songs with simple waveforms and low-quality sound effects.  The musical notes are clear enough to be memorized, but the sound is nothing compared to the real thing.

It was Tuesday that I got to hear the actual Money in all of its six-and-a-half-minute glory… so-so lyrics, but awesome tune.  Problem is, I don’t have the album, so I had to listen to it via YouTube.  Fortunately, Money was uploaded in “HD” quality… compared to the traditional, crappy YouTube quality…  Something characteristic of low bit-rates is that the upper frequencies are sacrificed entirely.  I’ve analyzed two recordings, and found the spectra above 16.4KHz to be entirely missing except for a few spots.

Buying the CD is always better than streaming.  But, you can hear for yourself, the guitar work, the use of reverb, Clare Torry’s voice, how radical The Dark Side of the Moon was for 1973.

Last year, legendary Floyd guitarist David Gilmour said “I’m done with it,” emphasizing the very low chance the band will never reunite after breaking up in 1994. …In recent news, presidential candidate John Kasich (R-OH) made a campaign promise to reunite Pink Floyd if elected… Is he still running?

In the mean time, there’s the ever-growing library for The Beatles… in the kitchen, because the house is so cluttered… Got the 2015 #1 hits release— 27 tracks.  At 79 minutes, it comes just under the maximum capacity for a CD (80 min.).  I could tell that they reduced the silence on the track edges to fit it all.

CD/DVD release (photo added here Feb 28)

The DVD features promotional videos (which serve as modern-day music videos), live performances, some commentary by Paul, and Ringo introducing a few of the songs in person.  “That’s enough of that,” Ringo says, sitting in front of an iMac, clicking the mouse.  I’m not kidding; he’s still active, at age 75.

Well, I’ll wrap this up by mentioning that the mini-lakes evaporated, and I was able to walk Wednesday.  Not so much Saturday; more rain came Friday.  Mud.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Lunacy

  1. Wow. Dark Side of the Moon was by far one of my fave albums in Jr High. I feel so old. In grade 8 we had to create our own jazz-dance routine for gym class, my friend and I picked Money as our song. Can you imagine how many times you have to hit stop-rewind-play when you’re trying to get a choreography down pat?

    I think the song has been printed into my memory bank forever. And I’m also wondering what the hell our teacher must have thought of our choice… Thanks for bringing back such fond memories of a very confusing time in my life 😉

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