Writing to no one

At this point I’m kind of devastated.

I couldn’t even face myself failing to fix a post, where I documented what could be described as a manic episode, and one that ventured into the subject of sincerity. (In other words, lower than low; it felt so important, but no.) I’ve had to process things in absence (from social media). I’ve had to discover, from a few articles and blogs, notably Lucky’s and The Happy Sensitive, that I have to get back to myself, in touch with my own feelings, and that one feeling doesn’t negate another; what I actually feel needs to be felt instead of making assumptions and avoiding it, or fantasizing about a better reality. I already have a few narcissistic traits; I can’t let let myself go or else I’ll run the risk of getting worse.

It can be crushing not having available people in your life. Sometimes you just want life to happen so badly that you’ll end up doing a few things you’re not proud of, such as sending drunken text messages to someone who doesn’t love you back. lol  But seriously, there are limitations on what you can do, where, when, and who with.

But I pushed the limits anyway.  It was embarrassing.

I couldn’t stand what I could and couldn’t do. My eyes were open in lack of willpower (which cut into my ability to sleep); this shows that I need to break away or it will kill me.

I failed to rest easy. I let disappointment in myself affect me. I will never be the same.

Just know that any extended silence in response on my part is never in some sort of scheme of “silent treatment” but in only being able to tolerate so much… especially if I have to walk on eggshells to communicate with you; you know who you are. 😒

In the effort to get back to feeling, today, I put on Audioslave— Out Of Exile, the only ’slave album I have.  I don’t know why exactly, but it’s resonating quite a bit, for better or worse, special or spooky. I think I’m understanding the songs better. Or maybe it’s that link between narcissism and addiction. I’m limited by my point of view, of course.  Some of the songs I wasn’t a fan of, and some of the discordant guitar effects, began to make sense, so, upping the star rating. It’s funny that— sometimes the art or people you didn’t like, and didn’t take seriously, are there for a very important reason.

What’s behind the lyrics is not the same as what I’m going through, of course, but… I’m getting better at singing the songs. 😀

Here’s the final track (my first YouTube post, yay). It’s such a great song if you get it… and possibly a bit creepy too.  (Note that this is Hard Rock with a capital R; Chris Cornell really pipes his voice! 😊)

“And if our paths forget to cross.
It doesn’t mean you’re lost…”

…Thanks for enduring my disjointed words if you got this far. May my days have more meaning this year… without burning myself out. I can only hope. Likewise for all of you; I hope your New Year kicked off nicely, and that things improve with your goals.

Take care. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Writing to no one

  1. There’s this really cool online challenge that started on the first. It’s called 30 Days to Love your Life. Or something like that. So far I’m pretty into it. It’s run by Mike Dooley who’s behind these daily inspirational emails called notes from the universe.

    Ok so he kinda stole the whole theory behind the law of attraction. But in his way he’s making way more sense and taking it to a whole other level (law of attraction, or The Secret I should say was pretty superficial).

    Anyways. I think this challenge would resonate with you and where you’re at right now.

    My ex introduced me to audioslave. I freakin love the voice and the whole occasional oddity of their music.

    Sigh. Life sure gets weird sometimes doesn’t it?

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    1. By oddity, have you gone back to any of the songs and noticed parallels between the lyrics and things or behaviors that have happened in life? It’s not weird if Chris tapped into something there… To find songs where all the lines line up with things that have happened, is, again, spooky…and special.

      Thanks for tip above. 30 Days to Loving Your Life (tut.com), right? I may check that out.

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      1. I tend to rarely listen to lyrics. I think it’s from growing up… the whole being french thing and music being a big mystery to me since I never understood what they said as a kid. I listen to their vibe, and I’m often so wrong on what the songs are actually about.

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      2. and whoa. I am just now reading up on my favorite Audioslave song (I am the Highway) and boom. Yeah. Totally relates to my life right now. (Ok, so admittedly I had to then google search the meaning of his words because… duh) but yeah. Spot on. I need to start paying more attention to what these poets are singing.

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