Christmas post

I’m sure you’re already tired of reading Christmas blogs. …Well, you’re going have to endure another, ’cause I need to document something for these past few weeks.  So here goes, a Christmas post for 2015.

It’s coming along. …Okay, it’s come and gone.  (Already off to a good start! 🙂 )  The thing about I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it” while getting distracted by shiny objects is, no, you won’t get to it.

Like last year (and so close to last year, it’s scary), the mini-tree is up, or has been, with lights…

The camera makes the tree look as if it’s about to catch fire.

(The smartphone camera is bad at both low-light and high-light.  I attempted to perform some manual correction using two almost perfectly-aligned photos via flare marker, but I ran into a saturation problem.  The actual brightness of the bulbs are: basic.)

No elaborate decorations—a severely poor understated holiday, indeed.

…Well, at least the family is here.  All two of us.  The other family members celebrated their day in other parts of the country. …Hey, pumpkin muffins were made!

Pumpkin muffin
Partly eaten already.

Those were sent.  (Notice the purple container?  Sent in those.)

Funny, some strangers already left us a few gifts during the Summer.  Next to the driveway.

O Tyre, Tyre, wherefore art thou Tyre?

Come Christmas Day, twas made, a chocolate cake with nuts.

Already partly eaten, as well.  (My, chocolate does go fast in this house!)

After all the chocolate (and more to come and go), one of the presents consisted of— you guessed it: chocolate.  Rather, chocolates, puffed with…air.

(No photo; no disrespect to the sender.)

Apart from the clothes et al, I was the unfortunate recipient of The Sims+: University.

(Again, no photo; no disrespect.)

But hey, Christmas presents aren’t supposed to be serious.  You really should expect socks and sweaters, instead of unwanted or unneeded stuff filling your house or apartment, in case you’ve forgotten about that word that floats around this time of year; you know, the one that rhymes with regifting.  And on the other side of it, life can’t revolve around the holidays; you have to get what you want and need on your o—

Oooh…pretty! 🙂

This time of the year you can really start to feel left out.  And it’s not the presents.  As I’ve said before, it’s just me and… mom.  A smaller immediate family, and kids screaming outside down the street… You just know actual family and friends are expressing their love for one another.  Not perfect, but you’re not part of it either.  And that “best of” for the year on social media, where, of course you never make the list.  Stupid list.

Okay, one last thing.  One thing you might not have known: Christmas Day 2015 coincided with a full moon; this hasn’t happened since 1977.  It’s not as rare as a full moon on a Friday the 13th, which happened June of last year, but…


I got a fairly decent shot of the bright moon (unlike the others leading up), at 3 a.m., this morning.  (By then the moon was already waning; the lunar cycle is about one quarter per week, so one almost exactly a day late makes my shot about 27/28 full.)

Can you imagine being able to wander around outside at any time of day without a flashlight (or night-vision goggles)?  It makes my walks a breeze. …A very cold breeze that forced me to abbreviate a walk or two.  But some of the temps this month were in the 40s and 50s (Fahrenheit)… (The snow on my blog is a bit dishonest, that we’ve not gotten any yet.)

I waited until the last minute in making my Christmas “card.”  (A card, because I never have the money to buy gifts.  Yes, I’m a bad person.)  And I lost sleep with it, of course, learning how to draw a leafless tree from scratch with no reference photos or templates, just Inkscape (no money for Adobe Illustrator either)… to show I can do it.  Show-off.

…Bear with me, not much else was done for that final frame… 😫


Yeah, I know, it’s too late to put up, here… Well, I hope you had a good one!  Don’t get alcohol poisoning on New Year’s Day! …Going to sleep, now. 😴


6 thoughts on “Christmas post

  1. I spent Christmas in a cold cabin in the mountains with my roommate and her mother. We had an orphan Christmas I guess you could call it that way. It was odd because I was surrounded by snow, in Southern California while my family in Montreal had a total white Christmas.

    Being alone during holidays sure sucks the hollow bitter ass doesn’t it?

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    1. In case you were wondering, sucking a hollow bitter ass is much worse than plain sucking ass. Not that I’ve ever literally sucked a hollow bitter ass, nor would I even know that the fuck it is, but yeah. I’m sure it would be horrendous.

      Liked by 1 person

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