What am I thankful for?

Hmm… Well, first, I’m thankful to even be alive, haha.

Even though I’m kind of without purpose and losing my mind, and still really, really need someone in my life, at least for culture, not just acquaintances… ‘Have family or die trying.’

But still, breathing and not a corpse.

Being poor, I’m thankful for a smartphone and internet access of some kind, so I can actually communicate any time of the day. 🙂

Though there are dead-zones at unspecified times of the day, and people appear less available than ever, so it can still feel like being Tom Hanks talking to a Wilson ball; not to mention the virtual buttons are permanently burned in to the AMOLED screen.  (Yes, burn-in will never go away despite the decline of CRTs.)

But still, some communication security. …If only I knew how to use the emergency line…

Chicken + stuffing = okay.
Chicken + stuffing = adequate.

I’m thankful to have a roof over my head…

Though parts of said roof had holes leading to massive water damage; the pest population is never zero, etc., etc.…

But still, not freezing or weathered to death.  (A relatively warm day today— that was a plus.)

I’m thankful for not living in a third-world country…

Even though it often feels like it when it’s hard to get any kind of medical attention until it’s too damn late, and job security for me is… sigh

But still, the potential to rise… not rising and it hurts like hell, but… potential.

…My god, I’m not thankful for being so depressing!

Be thankful you’re not living my life!

No turkey, this year.  (Chicken.)

Hope you’re having a nice Thanksgiving Day. 🙂 Show some actual gratitude in your home, despite Facebook… better yet, turn off all your devices for family time! …Aah, enduring family. 😐


3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. “…My god, I’m not thankful for being so depressing!
    Be thankful you’re not living my life!”

    Is it ok to laugh at your closing statement? Does it help if I tell you I always laugh at myself when I get this exact same way?


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