Monday Engagement

It’s been two months away from the Friday Fic, and it appears I now have to sign up for something… oh, it’s just a constructive crit subgroup. …It’s hard enough reading as it is, with my broekn brain… Well, on with the micro-story.  Enjoy. 🙂

100 words

Photo Copyright © C.E. Ayr

It was incredible.  One mistake, and I wouldn’t know till Tuesday whether I was still employed.

Behind the wheel, I turned the key.  Nothing.  In the parking lot, thankfully.

One jump-start later, I was good… until the SUV, out of nowhere.  Then my car failed again.

You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I popped the hood.  Only my right hand was good, so off went the engagement ring… and into the grate.


It was no use.

I told Alex, and he went crazy, ranting about how women ‘can’t be trusted,’ ‘shouldn’t have jobs’…

…I’m so grateful for that day.

Every week, Rochelle hosts a link-up where the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for a picture prompt by week’s end.

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