The in and Completely Out of it

Wow, this is the second time the photo prompt appears as if selected for my story… something must be up.  I’d already thought of beginning the next part with something like…

100 words

Photo Copyright © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I woke up in my room.  What—?

“She’s awake.”  Sam.

“You… can speak?”

“I was just messin’ with you.  Sorry about that.”

Then Alison appeared.  In my room.

“You— You’re dead.”

“No,” she responded.  “A man was threatening my family. …We came close to entering witness protection. …I heard what happened to you.”

“What happened?”  The words slipped out.

“You don’t remember? …You tried to jump.”


Mom and Dad entered.  They “explained” why they barred my window.

An hour later, Rex entered.  That explained everything.  Rex, my dog, died ages ago.  There, I realized: none of this was real.

Every week Rochelle hosts a link-up, where the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for a picture prompt by week’s end.

Click here to see what others have written or add your own take for the prompt.


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