Dizzy but Determined

Time for more weekend fiction!  You excited?  No? …Well, at least I called it ‘weekend’ fiction to excuse my tardiness.  Friday Fiction, weekend fiction— whatever it’s called, feel free to enjoy it and criticize it. …And also, if you could, feel free to give me awards, a limo, a million dollars… just kidding.

Here’s the last entry in case you get lost with this.

100 words

Photo Copyright © Claire Fuller

Tuesday, I couldn’t remember how I got home; it was dusk, and I realized: I was losing time.  I felt like my memories were being snatched and locked away. …It also occurred to me, I’ll likely need a ton of therapy once this was all over.

Wednesday, after dealing with a student I once told to “eat me,” I dragged Sam with me back to the antique shop.

Dizzy but determined, I said to Mr. Timberland, “Last time, purple bottle, here…”  I motioned toward the far wall.  Then the weirdest thing happened: he said he never had such a bottle.

Every week Rochelle hosts a link-up, where the objective is: a three-part story, at most 100 words, for a picture prompt by week’s end.

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10 thoughts on “Dizzy but Determined

  1. Is Mr Timberland lying, or is someone targeting our hero and slipped the bottle in for him to find?
    I like your use of the photo for the locked away memories.


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